Thursday, April 14, 2011

Top TEN Reasons you should host a Park Lane Fun & Easy Show with Elba Plaza

10. I hope you would want to have me over. Kind of sad if we never saw each other again, don't you think?

9. I like YOU! I would have YOU over...but I know the feeling is not always mutual.

8. On a personal note, I would like to share that when you have a show many of the proceeds go to feed the hungry children...I have 2 hunger teenagers.

7. Please write Yes or NO. N O is an abbreviation for November.

6. You can also write Maybe. My kids have taught me that "Maybe" means "YES".

5. If a Hostess gets 3 bookings she can choose what I call a "Friendship ring", and, just give me a minute to contain myself...the hostess names a prong after every friend. It's a beautiful thing.

4. Be a patriot. It is our job to keep the economy moving. Have a show.

3. No pressure, but it is only fair to tell you all the cool people are having shows.

2. If you are worried that no one would come, if you have a show, I promise I'LL come. :)

1. And, the Number One reason to host a show: HEY...You, me and a bag of chips - It's a PARTY! and you will help me get to Costa Rica.

I hope you say YES because I would love to spoil you with FREE Bling! So please call me to schedule your Fun & Easy Show.
(239) 770-5963

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