Thursday, March 31, 2011

Powerful You! Ever wonder what this is all about?

Ladies, join us on Wednesday, April 6, 2011
for an opportunity to come together as women to 
learn, grow, share and bond!

Welcome Women of SWFL!! Come join us at Powerful You! a Women's Networking Group simply like no other because of its structure and intention to empower women without any requirements, title, position or ownership of business. Powerful You! is about making connections, growth, creating powerful and meaningful relationships. 

We are very excited to offer this type of networking because women from all walks of life are welcome!  There are no rules, other than being a woman, so members and non-members are all welcomed just the same. We are a group of women that come together to grow, share, and bond, regardless of age, position, ethnicity or religion.

Take a look at what people are saying about us...
This is why they call us: Networking with a Heart!
"I enjoyed the meeting so much. I'll be honest—I was expecting a networking group with the "infamous business card drop" that really is uncomfortable and unproductive. Thanks for bringing something different to this area and for creating a very comfortable environment  for women to share and really get to know each other." ~Lori

"Hi Eluise, Thursday night I went to a networking group that will remain nameless. The Board members all shared some ideas and then the floor was opened. There were approximately 12-14 women present. I raised my hand to offer input and was told that only members could contribute. You can imagine how that made me feel. What a different reception I received Wednesday night at your Powerful You! meeting! No-one was denied a voice and everyone had the opportunity to participate. Please share my thoughts with your group." ~ Carol A. Marlow,  Business Development Manager for Florida Women's Business Center

"I went to your meeting last night and I have to say it was wonderful. The time and effort you put into making everyone feel important was brilliant!"
~ Jeanne Sweeney - "Above Board" Chamber of Florida

Cape Coral/Ft. Myers Evening Gathering
1st Wednesday of each month
5:30 p.m. Open Networking & Registration
Meeting starts at 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Members & 1st Time Attendees $20

Non-Members $30
Meetings includes Assorted Appetizers
Hilton Garden Inn Fort Myers
(located at the corner of College and Summerlin)
12600 University Drive
Fort Myers, FL
Your RSVP is required!  Payment can be made on-line on the same link or with cash, check or credit card at the meeting. Please take a moment to RSVP on the link below.   

It is extremely important that we get your timely RSVP so that we can plan accordingly, more importantly; we greatly appreciate your effort in doing so and look forward to you being at our meetings! 

To learn more about the wonderful women Powerful You! attracts click the links below and read about the mission of Powerful You!  and why it's called "Networking with a Heart!" Please take the opportunity to share this great group of women with your friends, family and co-workers. Feel free to contact us if you would like more information or are curious about Powerful You! and what opportunities it offers you personally and professionally!  
Bring your flyers, brochures, samples and business cards to share with other women! We look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you at the meetings!
Come learn what "Networking with a Heart" is all about! Join us at 5:30pm for open networking, meeting new friends and getting others to see you shine.
See you there,
Elle & Roe
Eluise Gambino & Rosalynn Berardecsa
(239)541-8878 or (347)996-6392
Facilitators for Powerful You! Women's Network

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Destiny Diaper Bank April Events

Community Parking Lot Sale - Vendors Needed
Calling all Vendors to join us at our 1st Community Parking Lot Sale on APRIL 16 at Lockmore Plaza. $25 will get you a spot for a table or your truck. Cakes Bakes & More will be there, will you? Bring your garage sale, your business products & service along with your chairs, tents & tables and sell, sell, sell!!! Help Destiny Diaper Bank to raise funds while you display your items. It's a WIN WIN, will you join us? Call 549-2130 to secure your spot!
Nation's Largest Baby/Child Dedication
April 17 2011
940 Tarpon St
Fort Myers, Fl 33916
Contact us 549-2130 if you want to be part of this Historical Event.
A Gift For My Mom - Help DDB to help a child give a gift on Mother's Day!
Saturday, April 30 · 10:30am - 1:00pm
Light @ Ft. Myers
940 Tarpon St.
Remember the Santa's Workshops that the schools do? Well, this is similar. The difference is that these gifts are for our local moms that, well.... just might not be able to get anything from their kids for Mother's Day.

What we are doing is asking for donations so we can receive as many mommy gifts as possible (new & gently used) so that local low income kids can pre-register with us to pick out their own gift for their Mom for...
Mother's Day. On Sat. 4/30 kids can come and pick out their gift & card, have it wrapped and off they go.

Remember how you felt when you gave a gift to your Mom when you were a child? Do you remember how excited you were just before she opened the gift from you; watching for the "wow" this is just what I wanted look?

Please EMAIL or call 549-2130 and ask for Rebecca to donate or volunteer. This is going to be fun and also a test run because we are doing it again for Christmas. (Sorry, I know it isn't even Easter yet.) This event is sponsored by Destiny Ministries of Southwest Fl.

We are also going to pamper the moms on that morning, so if you can help with hair cuts, makeovers, nail care, massages, etc... please help us to serve our community of families in need by donating your time or services.

We thank you for your support!!!

Rev. Rebecca G. Hines
Destiny Diaper Bank
Center: 239 549-2130
Cell: 239 910-8198

Please "LIKE us at and share the link with your friends!!!

Changing Lives - Providing Outreach!

Wellness, Health & Fitness Event!

It's time for another "STERLING" Party!
Friday, April 22 · 6:30pm - 8:30pm

STERLING GRAHAM "One of a Kind" Far East Furntiure & Garden
11358 South cleveland Ave.
Fort Myers, FL

In November last year we had a Mind, Body & Spirit event and there were 95 attendees, this past February we had a Self-Indulgence Party and there were 150 attendees! Check out videos of past events on our Fan Page STERLING GRAHAM "One of a Kind" Far East Furniture & Garden
or type in STERLING GRAHAM / You Tube!

...This events theme is Wellness, Health & Fitness it's such a HUGE part of everyday is LIFE!

Headlining this event is: SWFL Naturally & Lady in Pink Photography!

We have a Fantastic vendor list for this event including:

Lynda Mastronardo / swfl naturally / Publisher
Suzie Dugan / Lady in Pink Photography
Ron Silvashy / Transitions Lifestyle System
New Dawn Easternn Medicine
Betsy Buter / Fitness Specialist / Registered Nutritional Consultant
Jo Ann Forman / Xocai / The Healthy Chocolate
Kari Fundingsland / Kari Kardio / Group Exercise Center
Lora Ulrich / The New You / Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant / USANA Health Sciences
Susan Britton / Arbonne consultant
Dorothy Seal / Massage Therapist
Lynda Waldron / Certified Health Coach
Erika Matos / Zumba
Patricia Madden / Medical Massage Therapist
Jo Lynn Ensor / Vemma
Carolyn Sellers Stabley / Mary Kay
Sharon Bock / Bock Healing Center / Pain Management / Preventative Health

And oh so many more!

As a Standard at all "STERLING" parties there is ZERO cover charge to attend, we hand you a glass of champange, wine, water, or soda as you pass through the door and the food is provided by STARZ PIZZERIA!

SAVE THE DATE!! FRIDAY APRIL 22ND 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Any questions or if you would like more info. on being a vendor at this event or another upcoming event please call 239-277-0645


Gary S. Graham


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Heart Talks with Amanda Devine and Mary Lynn Ziemer

Conducted by Amanda Devine and Mary Lynn Ziemer

Are you ready for a thought provoking, inspirational, life changing experience? Join Amanda Devine and Mary Lynn Ziemer as they take you on the adventure of a lifetime with “Heart Talks”. The first session on March 3rd, 2011 saw more than 45 people experience sheer joy and amazement as they took in these incredible teachings.

What are “Heart Talks”?
When you attend a Heart Talks event, expect to listen, learn, and be amazed at the new levels of understanding and outlooks on life that you will experience. The format of Heart Talks is presented in a similar written style of individuals such as Esther Hicks and Neale Donald Walsch. Esther Hicks is a world-renowned woman who has traveled the globe for the past 20 years passing on the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. She delivers the information regarding the Law of Attraction and how the Universe works. Neale Donald Walsch is the author of the famous book trilogy, “Conversations With God, An Uncommon Dialogue.”

In “Heart Talks” Amanda Devine and Mary Lynn Ziemer take those conversations to a completely new level!
Heart Talks will teach you about the origin of thought, the meaning of feelings, the purpose of life, and the boundaries that you may have no idea about. They will teach you the true meaning of living in the moment, a remarkable true shortcut to manifesting things in your life. They will take you to a new, unknown level of thinking and comprehension of the world around you. They will teach you a new meaning of love, heights of knowledge, and wisdom you have never experienced before. They will provide you with a completely new look on everything that you know and understand so far. They will take you to the Universal wisdom and beyond.

What does all of this mean to you and your life? Everything! By learning new, practical ways of thinking, you are going to take your life experiences to new levels of creations. Levels you have never experienced before. In Heart Talks you will learn how the process of “creation” works in our lives.

Who are Amanda Devine and Mary Lynn Ziemer?

Mary Lynn Ziemer is an internationally certified Master Life Coach and Business Consultant, and is the founder and CEO of Living A Joyful Life. Through her coaching, consulting, workshops, and speaking, she helps people who are hungering to lead more joyful and prosperous lives. Mary Lynn is known for her dynamic and interactive style. Whether it is in one-on-one coaching, small group workshops, or large seminars, she has the unique ability to help others overcome the fears that keep them from reaching their dreams and goals.

Amanda Devine is CEO and owner of Totally Unique Ideas, an international coaching firm. As a teacher, life coach and speaker, dedicated and passionate about her mission to help as many people as possible live a rich fulfilling life, she is recognized for her ability to open others to their own unlimited potential and personal talents. Her programs and seminars are attended by clients worldwide.

What can you expect at Heart Talks?

Amanda has received all of the information that will be shared in Heart Talks from her extensive time seeking truth and wisdom through spiritual searching and meditation. The information in Heart Talks is not about a religion. Amanda shares her enlightenment of how things work on a very high level of understanding. At the end, however, everything is simplified, giving us practical tools. It allows us to use that wisdom in our lives to create anything that we want, beyond the level of creation we could ever imagine. Amanda has acquired new incredible knowledge and, with her teacher’s recommendations, now she hopes to pass along this wisdom to all who long for a deeper understanding of life.

“There is truth to your life and to your existence. There is truth to the meaning of love. You are both love and existence. Now, you are becoming self aware.” - God
As Amanda’s best friend and colleague, Mary Lynn Ziemer has had the pleasure and honor of studying this amazing information together with Amanda as she has received it.

Come and learn incredible information and a real shortcut to success and living a magical life that has been passed to Amanda through her conversations in the last three months. And as Amanda and Mary Lynn already teach their clients these techniques, they are achieving incredible results.
Have you ever wondered who you really are? What is your purpose on this planet? How can you speed up the process of success and create real magic in your world? Where is the world heading right now? What does the future hold? What is the true driving force in our lives?

These incredible teachings are creating lots of interest and, already, many people ask Amanda when she is going to publish her own “Conversations with God”. At the present moment, Amanda has over 250 pages of astounding conversations.

Amanda and Mary Lynn will be reading these conversations at the Heart Talks events, taking place every second Thursday from 7:30 – 9pm. Cost to attend Heart Talks is only $20. Call 720-270-3428 for more info or to reserve your seat for the next session.
Please join us for this incredible program on March 31th, 2011.
Floridian Airport Inn (Formerly AmericInn) 13600 Treeline Ave S
(corner of Treeline Ave and Daniels, next to I-75)
Fort Myers, FL 33913

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hollywood Gala 2011 for Destiny Diaper Bank

April 29, 2011
6:00 PM
Clarion Hotel Fort Myers, FL
12635 South Cleveland Avenue
Fort Myers, FL 33907
Enjoy a night of 
Silent Auction

Auction hosted by Rick Gallo
Emceed by NBC-2's Lindsey Kruger

$50 - General Admission
$75 - 1 Drink Ticket
VIP- $100 - 2 Drink Tickets, limo ride and photo's on red carpet. 

Platinum Diaper Sponsorship - $3,000 +

  • Corporate table at event (8 seats)
  • Name in all advertisement for event (press releases, billboard, radio station website, Facebook, Gala website and flyer)
  • Event advertising (backdrop at entrance, entrance poster, event program, half page advertisement in program, slide presentation, verbal acknowledgement at event)

Gold Diaper Sponsorship - $2,000 - $2,999

  • 4 seats at event
  • Name in advertisement for event on Facebook, Gala website and flyer)
  • Event advertising (backdrop at entrance, entrance poster, event program, 1/4 page advertisement in program, slide presentation)

Silver Diaper Sponsorship - $1,000 - $1,999

  • 3 seats at event
  • Name in advertisement for event on Facebook and Gala website)
  • Event advertising (backdrop at entrance, entrance poster, event program, slide presentation)

Bronze Diaper Sponsorship - $500 - $999

  • 2 seats at event
  • Name in advertisement for event on Gala website)
  • Event advertising (backdrop at entrance, entrance poster, event program, slide presentation)
 Amy Cossairt-Parks 239-728-2721

Our mission at Destiny Diaper Bank is to inspire the people of Southwest Florida to make a difference in the lives of their neighbors by providing diapers, wipes and incontinent supplies through financial generosity and volunteer commitment.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Swiss Beauty Workshop

SWISS Beauty Workshop
Taking the confusion out of skin care
 Be pampered!
Come and be treated to a unique and luxurious skin care experience of the world's only Swiss Beauty Workshops.

Enjoy the immediate results and benefits that only
Ultra-premium Swiss-formulated
products can deliver. Discover how superior technology is creating skin that is beautiful and healthy.

Take your skin
to a whole new level!
You will be delighted

Date                             Monday, April 4, 2011
Hosted by                   Ching Schueddig     
Time to arrive           5 pm
Where                         Mercedes of Fort Myers
                                                         15461 Tamiami Trail
                    RSVP                            239-417-0203 or


Monday, March 21, 2011

Fire Ants - Lennys Pest Control

Fire Ants can be controlled by a two different methods.
Drench all existing mounds with Demon EC or Talstar concentrate. At least one gallon of finished solution is required for fire ant mounds, 1/2 gallon for smaller ones. A good rule of thumb is to use one gallon of solution per foot of diameter of mound. For example, a huge mound that is three feet wide (at its base) would require three gallons of finished solution. This ensures that you kill ants deep in the colony structure. Keep pets and children away from treated areas until dry.

Lennys Pest Control for more information on their services.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Willow House VIP Hostess Club - Sharon Nottingham

by Sharon Nottingham

Here is how it works.....this is a virtual hostess club. Each moth you can place an order on line and one of the 12 months you get the benefits from that order. You choose the month that you want, first come first serve, and you get the benefits. In exchange you agree to place around a $40 order each month. If you do not need to place an order for yourself, pass around the catalog and turn in an order for a friend, neighbor et

Perks of the can start the collection you have wanted to collect and pace yourself.
No Deliveries - everything goes right to the customers door
You can add to your month by hosting a party or passing the catalog around.
You get the benefits when it is your month...the average hostess earns well over $100 for free and 1/2 priced items, specials etc
When I have random orders (each month) I place them on YOUR party so you get the benefit
Often times I'll surprise you with fun goodies! I may give each club member a customer special on me or give you my cost for your order...and at Christmas something else.

If you want to participate please give me a call or email me. Once I gather 12 participants we'll get the club rolling. As a Club participant you will be the first to get new catalogs.

This is a fun easy and simple way to start or finish a collection! 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Free Fl Stingrays Youth Football Camp

Head Coach Chris Morant will be hosting a Free Florida Stingrays Youth Football Camp on Saturday March 26 from 11-2 pm. 
Place:  Shady Oaks Park, Ft Myers FL
Age Group: 6-18
First 100 kids to register will receive a Free T-Shirt
We are still looking for a few more t-shirts sponsors.  Sponsorship is only $250 and

 Florida Stingrays Youth Football Camp Commercial

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Christian Chamber Fl. - March Events

 From Jeanne O'Connell Sweeney

Jeanne O'Connell Sweeney invites you to Social Media- Find out how you can be discovered!

Cape Coral-We invite you to come hear from our panel of Social Media Experts and learn how you can take your business to the next level online! Join Remington Begg, Owner of ImpulseCreative, Jody Pugh, President from E Media Stars, Javier fuller, Chief Engineer from Fuller Online Solutions, and MaryAnn Cipressy, President from What's Up SWFL as they discuss the secrets to reaching and communicating with your target market over the internet and beyond!

Cape Coral Lunch is Thursday, March 17, $11/ members $14/ friends located: Cape Coral Board of Realtors 918 SE 46th LaneCape Coral Please RSVP by Tuesday, March 15th 11:30 to 1PM to as seating is limited. Please Park and enter in the back!

Ft.Myers-We invite you to come hear from our panel of Social Media Experts and learn how you can take your business to the next level online! Join Remington Begg, Owner from ImpulseCreative, Jody Pugh, President from E Media Stars, Javier fuller, Chief Engineer from Fuller Online Solutions, and MaryAnn Cipressy, President from What's Up SWFL as they discuss the secrets to reaching and communicating with your target market over the internet and beyond!

Ft Myers lunch is Monday, March 21st $15/members $18/friends located: The Hilton Garden 12600 University Drive. 11:30 to 1PM Please RSVP to by Thursday March 17th as seating is limited.

Both lunches are being sponsored by Cliff Terry owner of AMERIDRY!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mobile Memory - Gulf Coast Village

Gulf Coast Village
1333 Santa Barbara Boulevard, Cape Coral
Tuesday, April 12th, 2011              

Learn about the signs, symptoms, causes, & services for Memory Loss

Catherine Cruikshank, Director of Education Alzheimer’s Association – Florida Gulf Coast Chapter

Free Memory Screenings also available on the Memory Mobile.
RSVP’s suggested: (239) 405-7008
Walk In’s Welcome

Monday, March 14, 2011

4th Annual Wellness Expo - Gulf Coast Village

Eat (Well) Pray (for Peace) and Love (Thy Neighbor)
4th Annual Wellness Expo

Cape Coral-When we better care for our bodies, we can better care for our neighbors and community. That is the belief of wellness team members at Gulf Coast Village, Cape Coral’s only Continuing Care Retirement Community, embrace on a daily basis. To help celebrate ways to enjoy and eat well, and include activities that will help promote a sense of a peace, Gulf Coast Village is hosting their 4th Annual Health & Wellness Expo, “Eat-Well, Pray for Peace, and Love-Thy Neighbor.” The event will be held from 10 am- 1pm on Tuesday March 29, 2011. The event includes a cooking demonstration, wellness information, exhibitions on Tai Chi and other activity programs. Plus, the general public will find the information educational, informative, helpful and fun! Experts will be on hand to answer questions involving healthy ways to age.

The event is complimentary, but reservations are required. Please call 573-3306 to register your attendance by 3/25/2011. Gulf Coast Village is located at 1333 Santa Barbara Blvd, Cape Coral, Florida 33991. To learn more about Gulf Coast Village call 239-772-1333, or visit them on the Internet at

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Destiny Diaper Bank March Events....

Destiny Diaper Bank has 3 fundraiser events this month that you can choose to help this local charity the supplies diapers and other baby needs to those who can;t afford them. They also supply diapers to special needs children and adults.

You can find information about all these events and more at  Destiny Diaper Bank Events and More

March 19th

Calling all Vendors to join us at our 1st Community Parking Lot Sale on Mar 19 a...t Lockmore Plaza, see flyer for details!! $25 will get you a spot for a table or your truck. Cakes Bakes & More will be there, will you? Bring your garage sale, your business products & service and help Destiny Diaper Bank to raise funds while you display your items. It's a WIN WIN, will you join us? Call 549-2130 to secure your spot!
March 26th

Michael Diaz of Island Angel Fashions will be showing his latest creations of swimsuits, t-shirts, dresses and gowns on Saturday March 26th 6:30 PM at the Clarion. There is also so much more happening at this event. There will be local businesses on hand showcasing their products and services...need skin care, cosmetics,romance products, love chocolate, jewelry, food, travel planning services, local woman's groups, Health and Wellness...home decor ...and photography services and photo saving products...and more all in one place. There will be a raffle to benefit Destiny Diaper Bank where you have a chance to win one of many fabulous prizes....and after the show stay for the after party with appetizers, cash beverages and music while visiting with the designer, models and the local businesses.

Michael's Fashions  are for the everyday woman so that she can feel special without having the huge price tag one may think they might have.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased online at  or call 239-849-1490. tickets online are $10.50 for general admission or $20.50 for VIP Seating. VIP seating is located along the side of the runway and offers the best view of the show.

What's Up SWFL supports, local businesses, talent and charities.

 March 26

With your help & ticket purchase we get to have the use of the Vendor Area at GERMAIN ARENA to raise funds, collect diapers, play games, have raffles, etc.

We need to sell over 50 tickets by March 18 to be eligible for the TABLE!

We need your help!
Who can you share this with? Help us to raise funds by sharing this post & joining us at Germain Arena on March 26 as the The Florida Everblades and Destiny Diaper Bank team up to raise money and collect diapers to help meet the needs and change the lives of our most vulnerable population; our mothers and children!!

In an effort to make a difference in the lives of many families, the Everblades will donate a
portion of every ticket purchased through the Destiny Diaper Bank for our game on
Saturday, March 26th directly to Destiny Diaper Bank!!

It's Simple!!
It's Fun!!
It's Supports the Children in SWFL!!

All you need to do is fill out the ticket order form below and bring your family,
friends and co-workers! The Everblades will host the diaper drive, so make sure to
bring lots of diapers and drop them off as you enter Germain Arena!!

Destiny Diaper Drive and Fundraiser with the Everblades
Saturday, March 26th @ 7:00 pm—Germain Arena
Florida Everblades vs. Wheeling Nailers

To order tickets, fill out the information below and
mail or fax to the Everblades Main Office
ATTN: Scott Bogen
11000 Everblades Pkwy, Estero, FL 33928
Fax (239)948-9299




Scott Bogen—Group Sales
Florida Everblades
239-948-7825 Ext 1104

We thank you for your support!!!
Rev. Rebecca G. Hines
Destiny Diaper Bank
Center: 239 549-2130
Cell: 239 910-8198

Please "LIKE us at and share the link with your friends!!!

Changing Lives - Providing Outreach!


Spotting an Impostor: Scammers Pose as Friends, Family and Government Agencies

It's easy to think "It couldn't happen to me." But scammers know how to get around our better judgment. They play on our emotions or promise big payoffs to get us to act. And many use the names of government agencies like the FTC, trusted companies, or friends and family to get us to buy into their schemes. We may not be able to spot the impostor until it's too late.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation's consumer protection agency, wants you to know that scammers are posing as people, agencies and companies you know and trust. They may use phone calls, emails, letters, faxes or even text messages in their deceptions. To see past the disguise, you need to be alert to signs of an impostor scam:

- They want you to wire money
Wiring money is like sending cash; once it's gone, you can't get it back. Don't send a check or money order by overnight delivery or courier, either. And don't deposit a check and wire money back - the check will turn out to be a fake. Con artists tell you to use these services so they can get your money before you realize you've been cheated. For more on money wiring scams, visit

- They want you to pay to collect your winnings
Legitimate sweepstakes don't require you to pay insurance, taxes, or shipping to claim what you've won. Scammers pretend to be with banks and well-known companies like WalMart and Publishers Clearing House to make you think it's the real deal. No matter how convincing the reasons, never send money to claim a prize.

- They claim to be with a government agency
They may try to get you to send money by saying they're with the FBI, FTC, IRS, U.S. Customs and Border Protection or the U.S. Marshals Service. They might even use a real employee's name and call from a Washington, D.C., phone number. But it's a number they've faked. Contrary to scammers' lines, no federal government agency supervises or runs sweepstakes. Similarly, insurers like Lloyd's of London don't insure the delivery of sweepstakes winnings.

- They claim to be someone you care about
You think it's your grandson calling, panicked because he needs you to wire money to help him fix a car, get out of jail or a hospital emergency room, or leave a foreign country without the rest of the family finding out. Or a stranded friend emails and asks you to wire money overseas. In reality, it's a scammer who sleuthed out your grandchild's name, or hacked your friend's email account. To make sure it's not really a loved one in trouble, call a number you know to be genuine, and check the story out with other people in your circle. You also can ask the caller some questions that a stranger couldn't possibly answer.

- They want you to act now
The key to successful impostor scams is getting you to send money before you find out who's really on the other end. The more time you have, the more likely you'll figure it out.

Resist the pressure to act immediately before you've checked it out.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Discriminating Diner - LaMotta's

           The Discriminating Diner
LaMotta’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

A real local treasure that has been in Fort Myers for 31 years is LaMotta’s, located in the Gulf Point Shopping Center on San Carlos Blvd. The owner Carmelo has been there since he was 7 when his parents owned it.

When we entered we were warmly greeted and taken to our table. I first noticed that the décor is relaxed and friendly and reminded me of the places I use to frequent up north. The type of place that is not so fancy yet had some of the best food you could find. Well, LaMotta’s is no different. It is hard to find good Italian food in Fort Myers but LaMotta’s has some of the best in town.

The menu has all the traditional dishes one expects find. Prices for entrées range from $11.95-$22.95. All are served with a choice of soup or salad and your choice of 4 different pasta’s. What really sets LaMotta’s apart from most places is that all dinners are cooked to order. So if you want to add something or have some item not included, they will certainly cook the dish as you want it. Personally I like my dishes with extra garlic and light on salt.

I chose one of the nights specials Chicken Agrigento (Chicken with sundried tomatoes, artichokes in a white wine sauce) while my dining partner chose the Veal Marsala. We had a choice of what pasta we wanted to have (Linguini, Spaghetti) and both of us chose a salad as well. The salad was ample but to my surprise had radishes. When was that last time you had radishes included in your side salad? The tomatoes were so flavorful. I asked our server about them and she said that they use locally grown produce. I thought to myself that if this was any sign of what was to come I was in for a treat. The rolls are large garlic twists and were very tasty despite the crunchy bottoms.

When our dinners arrived we could see steam rising from the plates. Now how is that for hot food? Our dinner portions were large and the taste did not disappoint. My dining partner said their Veal Marsala was the best they have ever had and was as good as they use to get up north. My Chicken Agrigento did not disappoint either. The pasta was cooked to perfection. Sometimes al dente can be bit undercooked for my taste but not here. There was plenty of chicken and the complete dish was well balanced. The Veal Marsla was very tender and flavorful.

For dessert we had a Cannoli and the Tiramisu. Our server told us the cannoli is not only made fresh but the filling is also homemade. The Tiramisu which is served topped with whipped cream was perhaps one of the best in town. Our server was professional yet friendly and personable. She kept our drinks filled and always made sure our needs were met. After we were finished we were fortunate enough to meet Carmelo and enjoyed having a long conversation with him. What impressed me about him is his commitment to supporting our local community by using local products and supporting local charities.

Overall LaMotta’s is great place to go if you are looking for some great Italian food in a casual, relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

LaMotta Italian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Which Home Improvements Drive the Most Value? Wellman Construction

Speaking first as a homeowner and then as a contractor, there are a few steps that a homeowner should always use in either circumstance; whether they are planning on selling or holding their residential property, to decide which home improvements will give them the most return for each dollar that they spend:
Step No 1: Necessities vs. Niceties:  When considering an improvement, make a list with two columns, the first is a list of the structural and mechanical things that you “Have to Have”, like repairing a roof leak, replacing a water heater, and installing energy efficient windows. The second list should be the “Nice to Have”.  These are the hot tub or Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom, installing a granite countertop to replace Formica.  
The difference between the have to have list and the nice to have list is very simple, in order to drive value to your home, you need to first have all the basic elements and build from there, otherwise you will take a deduction for every basic element that is compromised, and that can be significant dollars, a roof for example can represent 35% of the entire value of your home, vs. a granite countertop which is less than 2%.
 To read more please visit Contractor Talk

The Bridge Networking

The Bridge Networking Group, Inc. is a SWFL advertising business-promoting organization offering you monthly networking events and several professional advertising
methods for your business. 

All professions are welcome to our events and we do not have membership fees or dues.  You just pay for the event you attend.  Event admission includes a buffet lunch.
Friday, March 18
11:30am - 1:30pm
 Famous Dave's BBQ
12148 S. Cleveland Ave., Ft. Myers
In the Private Meeting Room
(Just North of College Parkway at Crystal)
Great Buffet:  Roasted Chicken, Pulled Pork Sandwich, Mixed Greens Salad, Potato Salad,
Cole Slaw, Wilbur Beans, Corn Muffins, Iced Tea.

We set for lunch at 11:50am

Have your 30 Second Commercial ready
Open Networking until 11:50am

Monday, March 7, 2011

Margie Tann - iSekurity Malware and Cell Phones

From Margie Tann iSekurity
Source: Verizon

And as they do with PCs, scammers use malware that you might inadvertently download onto your cell (sometimes by visiting infected websites, other times via downloads of ringtones) to harvest and transmit your personal information, thereby paving the way for forms of Identity Theft.

7 Tips for Protecting Yourself From Cell Phone Scams and Identity Theft:

1. Install anti-virus software. Most of the big Internet security players have mobile versions of their software and most of them offer free trials.

2. Scrutinize your bill every month. In particular, look out for small payments, which the cell phone scam artist tries to sneak past you.

3. Keep your cell phone number confidential when it is linked to your name, sharing it only with friends and relatives. Even think twice before putting it on a business card.

4. Don't use it for competition entries or other apparently "free" services. But, if you must do this, make sure you read every line of the fine print.

5. Consider using "disposable" or prepaid cell phones, which limit your exposure to running up bills.

6. Don't take a cell phone number as proof of someone's identity or, indeed, their honesty. If you can't separately confirm the identity of someone who gives their cell number, don't buy from or sell to them.

7. Be vigilant when you see others using cell phones to take photos. If their behavior seems odd or unacceptable, try to memorize a description of them and contact the police.

Of course, take all possible steps to prevent your phone from being stolen from your purse, your pocket, your desk, or wherever -- because that's the quickest route to hefty phone bills (for which you may be responsible) or cell phone Identity Theft.

And if you're an iPhone user, consider signing up for Apple's MobileMe service, which includes the ability to immediately and remotely erase all the data from your iPhone in the event that it does get stolen.

If you order a new cell phone to be delivered by snail mail or delivery, insist on - and be prepared to pay for - a signature with the carrier on delivery. That way, it won't be left at your front doorstep while you're out.

HEART TALKS Totally Unique Ideas

By Amanda Devine
March 17th, 2011

Presented by Amanda Devine and her best friend Mary Lynn Ziemer

Never done before!! ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE and PRICELESS to YOU!!! Something you have never experienced before!!!

Taking your thinking to a completely new level!!! Bring your friends to experience something new!!!

Every second Thursday, 7:30pm - 9pm, Fort Myers, Fl. in Floridian Airport Inn, crn Treeline and Daniels, next to I-75 ext. 131

Cost only $20 per session.

Heart Talks will teach you about the origin of thought, the meaning of feelings, the purpose of life, the boundaries that you had no idea about. They will teach you the true meaning of living in the moment, a remarkable true shortcut to manifesting things in your life. They will take you to the new unknown level of thinking and comprehension of the world around you. They will teach you a new meaning of love and heights of knowledge and wisdom you have never experienced before. They will provide you with a completely new look on everything that you know and understand so far...

To learn more about Heart Talks and the location go to

Ebenezer Christian Academy Fundraiser

The Bridge Networking Group and Woman’s Life is holding A Night in the Cape fundraiser for Ebenezer Christian Academy (the Academy) on Thursday, April 7, 2011 from 5-7 p.m. at Wine and Roses Restaurant, 1404 Cape Coral Pkwy., Cape Coral, Florida. To help make the live auction and raffle portion of this event a success, we are requesting a gift card, tickets or product donation from your business.

The Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the goal of enriching the lives of children in grammar school and middle school. The Academy’s Mission is to encourage each child to have a positive attitude in life. Their Vision is for each child to be a leader and not a follower; to mentor those younger than oneself; to have a love for education; and to respect one’s parents, elders and those in authority.

The Academy’s programs consist of:
 • Tutoring for School Aged Youth: Offering activities such as completing homework, sports, music lessons, mentoring, learning basic life skills, and English as a Second Language;
• Field Trips: Six annual field trips are offered to introduce disadvantaged children to innovative and creative activities in the Southwest Florida area, e.g. visiting the Imaginarium, libraries in different areas of Lee County and Sun Splash. Up to 50 children are estimated to participate, under the guidance of five field trip leaders, and
• English as a Second Language (ESOL): Classes are held every six months, two times a week, two hours per class for up to 20 students at a time. At each six month interval, those excelling in language skills move up to the next class level.

Partnering with us supports the belief that every child deserves quality after school learning opportunities in a safe, nurturing environment. Please send your donation to the Fund Raising Committee, Attn.: Irene Giniat, 841 SW 29th St., Cape Coral, FL 33914. If you are donating a larger item, please contact me at (239) 458-8268, or via e-mail at to arrange for pick up. Your gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. We also hope you will be able to join us on April 7th at Wine and Roses!

Irene C. Giniat, Volunteer, Fund Raising Committee
Ebenezer Christian Academy
The Bridge Networking Group
Woman’s Life Chapter #701 - FL701

LCBW - Networking Event

Lee-Collier Business Women is an established organization of business women seeking to grow their business through qualified referrals and networking. We encourage participation at events specifically designed for effective business networking for women. 

Participate in LCBW Networking Events and many other business promoting venues. It is 'The Power of Connections!'

Upon joining Lee-Collier Business Women you instantly tap into an extensive network of business and personal contacts and an environment that is supportive of both your business and personal goals. We continue to grow and lead the way as one of the most respected and valuable resources for women in business today. You will find, like hundreds of women who have joined before you, that becoming a Member of Lee-Collier Business Women is only the first of many benefits to be gained from your rewarding relationship with us.
Regardless of where you're located in the world, you are welcome to become a Member of LCBW.

March 15, 2011
Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion
11:30 - 1:00
26831 South Bay Drive
Bonita Springs
Cost: $16/members $20/Non-Members
Includes complete Lunch-Vegetarian upon request 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

FGCU Alumni Awards

Since 2004, the FGCU Alumni Association has recognized our most outstanding alumni for their accomplishments. To date, eleven individuals have been honored through the program. 

Alumni of Distinction Society - 
Each year, a distinguished graduate of FGCU is recognized with this prestigious award. Qualified nominees for the award of distinction will have noteworthy professional careers (both regionally and nationally) and will have distinguished themselves through ongoing service to the community and the University.

To nominate a deserving individual for the Alumni of Distinction Society, click here.
Nominations are due by March 24, 2011 at midnight.

Soaring Eagles Society -
The Soaring Eagles Society award, will honor up to five alumni, one from each of the University’s five colleges.

Nominees for these awards must have earned (at least) their bachelor’s degree from FGCU within the last decade (classes 2001 - 2010). Recipients will be individuals who dedicate time and resources to their communities and excel in their professions.

To nominate a deserving individual for the Soaring Eagles Society, click here.

Nominations are due by March 24, 2011 at midnight.

Lindsey R. Touchette, Director of Alumni Relations
Florida Gulf Coast University
(239) 590-1016