Monday, June 28, 2010

A Night in the Cape - A Bridge Networking Group Event

By Michelle Andre

Thursday July 1
Celebrating America  Business
5-7 PM
Wine and Roses
Cape Coral Parkway 

Celebrating America Business is presented 
by The Bridge Networking Group on 
Thursday, July 1 at 
Wine & Roses Italian Restaurant, 1404 Cape Coral Parkway, Cape Coral
from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. 
This is a 2 hour open networking event with a gourmet pizza and salad buffet.
It is FREE to the first 50 people to arrive. 
More information at
Contact info: Michele Andre 239-225-5019

Pizza and salad buffet... 
Bring a raffle gift, sponsor the event, or get a table to display your business. 
Looking forward to seeing all of you

Computer Specialists of America presents Computer Seminars

by Shelly Osterhout
Computer Specialists of America presents Computer Seminars for the month of July.  All classes will be held on Thursdays and Fridays at there new location 7181 College Parkway, Ft. Myers 9:00am to 12:00pm for only $25.00 each.  Classes are open to the public, but an RSVP is required please at (239) 332-2721.  More information at

Computer Specialists of America is a full service computer management company working to keep SWFL businesses running smoothly.  They specialize in repairing computers of all types, custom built computers, removing viruses, remote services, creating and maintaining websites, networking and more.


July 1 – How to use your cell phone to increase productivity and profits
Learn how to use productivity features on your cell phone to streamline business processes and manage your time effectively

July 2 – Facebook Essentials
Learn the basics of Facebook including important information about privacy settings and understand the benefits of social networking with Facebook

July 8 – What is a server and do I need one?
Learn what a server is and the benefits of implementing one in your business or home

July 9 – How to keep your computer running fast
Ever notice that every computer seems to gradually decrease in performance after you buy it? Learn proven techniques to prevent this and keep your computer running like new

July 15 –Why isn't my website making me money?
Did you pay a large sum of money for a website that doesn't seem to be generating any business? Learn the reasons why your website isn't being seen by the masses and measures you can take to increase its value

July 16 –The benefits and importance of search engine optimization
Learn how search engines work and how your website can be optimized to show up in more and more search results

July 22 – How can social networking increase my bottom line?
Learn how to effectively utilize social networking applications, such as Facebook and Twitter, for branding and to educate your customers

July 23 - How to use your cell phone to increase productivity and profits
Learn how to use productivity features on your cell phone to streamline business processes and manage your time effectively

July 29 – Should I buy a new computer?
Should you buy a new computer or get your old one fixed and cleaned up? Learn how to effectively weigh your options and spend your computer budget wisely

July 30 – What is a Server and do I need one?
Learn what a server is and the benefits of implementing one in your home or business

Contact info:  Shelly Osterhout  (239) 896-7268

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Marketing Tips from Marketing Dazzle

Are You Keeping Your Company A Secret? Shh...

By Jodie Andre
It doesn't matter if you're the best artist or writer in the world, if no one knows about you or what you do. You may never be able to make a living at what you do best. We all want to sell more and work less but if people don't know who you are that will never happen.
That's where networking comes in to your life. What is networking? Definition: Networking a

supportive system of sharing information and services  among individuals and groups having a common interest. All it really means is people are getting to know who you are and what you do. Don't be afraid of the word "networking."

People like to do business with people they know and recommend people they trust. Getting to know people and being known by them is a deep subconscious need that's filled by networking. It opens doors of opportunities and fulfills a need for social interaction. It gives you a feeling of being in control of your career.

When you network, you will learn about new products/services, new ideas and ways to do business. You will learn about your competitors and how to excel from talking with other business owners and professionals.

It takes time - Rome wasn't built in a day - neither is your company. As time passes and your contacts grow, so does your business. Always be prepared to network with everyone you meet. You never know how many people will become your best customer, your best cheerleader or your best friend. It's imperative that people know who you are. If you don't have time to network, hire someone to do it for you! Don't keep your business a secret any longer. Give people a chance to purchase your product or service.
The most important thing to remember about networking is to make it FUN! 

Playground for Hati Update New Information

Items greatly needed for New Life Children's Home in Port-au-Prince! 
Container's arrival postponed til next Thursday so can collect longer BUT MUST SHIP THEN.  Delayed to try to reach goals, but an appointment for surgery for Bob also is a matter of concern (noted below).

This ALL-CALL necessary because Sports Build Coalition (SBC) only reached one-fourth of our goal...
Our outreach with Sports Build Coalition will always be to the weakest links of the US and the world.
 Right now, the weakest neighbor we have continues to be Haiti...not the Haitians here, but there.
Please consider the orphanage's plight since the earthquake, and the need for fun and smiles to uplift them.

F Y I : New Life Christian Home, with 120 orphans, follows sustainable practices: has many trees, huge garden, mangoes, bananas on five acres. Safe. Has tilapia tanks, teens raise rabbits to sell and chickens for eggs; strong emphasis on vocational and post-secondary education. Sets a standard!  Director Miriam also helps smaller orphanages to improve.  See attachments (housing, kids)

CHANGED HOURS ....Please notice!  At A-1 Storage off Viscaya, west of Del Prado; in Cape Industrial Park.
1014 S. E. 12th Place, Unit 318

Thursday 6/24  Hours 12 to 8 (starting the day later than previously announced)  Accepting Items (Updated list below)
Friday     6/25  Hours 12 to 8     "     "       "      "        "         "              "              Accepting Items

SATURDAY ...THE CONTAINER COULD NOT BE SCHEDULED...Not enough items to fill yet!
           Saturday  6/26 Hours 12 to 7  Accepting Items 

Sunday  6/27   Hours 12 to 7 ... Accepting Items  LAST DAY ACCEPTING ITEMS

Monday 6/28   Hours 12 to 8   Sorting, Recording for Shipping List, Packing

Tuesday 6/29 
No Hours... Bob having simple but required surgery, requires entire day.

6/30  FULL DAY OF HANDLING ITEMS  (Bob will only be able to supervise)
                             12 noon til 8 pm??
Thursday July 1....Morning for handling, if necessary; then...
                             CONTAINER arrives at 3:00 pm to BEGIN LOADING
                             Cost includes two hours of loading time; if longer, SBC is charged $35 an hour

TO VOLUNTEER:                                
Please note:  Due to his surgery, Bob will only be supervising for the remainder of this week.   
Please call 677-7498 if willing to volunteer for a couple of hours. 
Need at least six volunteers to join in from 3:00 pm on Thursday to load container.

Bikes/ especially TRIKES (none donated so far)
Portable basketball goals (most anticipated by the kids! all heights
Sturdy plastic play houses, forts, slides, basketball goals...ESPECIALLY NEEDED FOR PRESCH to 10 y.o.
Anything ping pong
Tennis balls, Volleyballs
SKATES, inline and outdoor
Lumber: planks, sheets of plywood
Fencing of any kind ...want to build a preschool area, enclosed, about 25' X 40'...picket sections OK
Work items, like gloves, safety glasses
Steering wheels from boat or car (to build wooden cars and boats and affix steering wheels)
WAGONS!!! any type
Sets of BEAN BAGS (some $ stores have)
Outdoor games of any kind
Anything SOCCER
Any simple children's musical instruments (tambourines, triangles, DRUM STICKS)
Bright primary color OUTDOOR paint  - green, yellow, red, purple (think Disney)
Tools of any kind
Sox, undies for boys or girls, ages birth to adult
Shoes of any durable type (mainly "sneakers") Ages one and up
Mattresses and bed linens
Children's picture books or story books in French
Tents/ tarps
Plastic storage containers, ESPECIALLY NEEDED
Any personal items like toothbrushes or soap
Just about anything a home for 120 kids could use (durable pots and pans, buckets, sewing items, craft supplies, towels)

THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY MUCH for considering this....Bob and Mary Plageman and Family  677 7498

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Playground for Haiti

A Playground for Haiti
Our last turn out was a success, allowing us to fill a quarter of our available space in the storage container. However, this leaves us only 25% toward our goal of filling the entire shipping container. The container is scheduled to leave this Saturday, meaning we are in a crunch to finish collecting the sports equipments and items for the orphanage in Haiti. We know that with your help we can fill this container and provide a playground for the orphans of Haiti.

The orphanage we are seeking to put the playground in is managed by Ms. Miriam Freder-ick. She has managed the home for 34 years, working no only to help those children at this home, but to also help other smaller orphanages to grow. There is so much need and so little items, anything you can donate will help tremendously.

We plan on shipping the container this Saturday and then meeting the container in Haiti in July to deliver your donations to the orphanage. We will be working with volunteers there to establish the playground, installing the playground equipment and meeting the children.

Most importantly, THANK YOU from Sports Build Coalition and the Plageman family to everyone who has worked to help get the play spaces and items to New Life Children's Home in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. We look forward to putting more smiles on those bewildered children's faces! APPRECIATE SO MUCH ANY HELP YOU CAN BE...again! PLEASE ROAM YOUR GARAGE OR CLOSETS! ASK FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS!! Our next campaigns will reach further and rely less on our friends and associates...need is so great NOW!! Donations can be dropped on at A-1 Storage Unit 318 (1014 SE 12th Place, Cape Coral, FL 239-574-4184). The hours we will be at the storage unit are listed below. Teens are welcome to come for service hours. You will find a list of our most needed items on the next page. Thank you again for everything you do.
Donation drop off times Mary will be at the storage unit THIS WEEK from:
12 to 8 Tues and Wed, Still taking items. If not play/building items, can take most anything! See suggestions below.
10 to 8++ on Thur & Friday Must continue to SORT, PACK, COMPOSE SHIPPING LIST (EXACT) FOR CUSTOMS! Tedious and very, very im-portant! Please no additional items these two days unless by arrangement.
Doors open 8 am, 10 am loading begins-- Saturday... Truck with actual container arrives ...two hours to fill before charge of $35 an hour starts
Anything ping pong (one thing mentioned by Director of Home) Foozball? Carom? Portable basketball goals (most anticipated by the kids! all heights) Fencing of any kind ...want to build a preschool area, enclosed, about 25' X 40'...picket sections OK Work items, like gloves, safety glasses Sturdy plastic play houses, forts, slides, basketball goals...ESPECIALLY NEEDED FOR PRE-SCHOOLERS! WAGONS!!! any type Sets of BEAN BAGS

We need MORE OF FOLLOWING: SKATES, inline or outdoor wheels Outdoor games of any kind Anything SOCCER Bikes, and especially TRIKES/ helmets if available, too Any simple children's musical instruments (tambourines, triangles, DRUM STICKS) Bright primary color OUTDOOR paint - green, yellow, red, purple (think Disney) Tools of any kind OTHER TYPE ITEMS NEEDED: Sox, undies for boys or girls, ages birth to adult Shoes of any durable type (mainly "sneakers") Ages one and up Mattresses and bed linens Children's picture books or story books in French Tents/ tarps Plastic storage containers, ESPECIALLY NEEDED Any personal items like toothbrushes or soap Just about anything a home for 120 kids could use (durable pots and pans, tools, etc.) All types of CARDBOARD BOXES needed ASAP
DONATIONS STILL APPRECIATED TOWARD THE $2,400 SHIPPING COSTS....we are still collecting to reach goal to get these items over to Haiti for our volunteer trip to build spaces in August! Nobody said this would be easy...we are in it for the long haul... If interested in making a donation, you can mail it to
928 S. E. 32nd Terrace, Cape Coral FL 33904, made out to Sports Build Coalition. Also can use PayPal on Thanks for considering it! Any questions, Mary can be reached at 239 677 7498. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CIRCULATING THIS AND CONSIDERING THIS!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Celebrity Fashion to a "Tea"

1st Annual Fashion Show
Zonta Club Fort Myers
Saturday August 7 2010
1-4 PM
High Point Place (Third Floor)
2104 West first St.
Fort Myers  Fl
$20 RSVP Required
Proceeds to benefit
Our Mothers Home
The Multicultural Back to School Festival
County Commissioner Tammy Hall, State
Senator Candidates Lizabeth Benacqoisto and Sharon Merchant,
Restaurant Entrepreneur Sandy Stillwell Sliverglide,
Business Entrepreneur Gail Markham and 
Amy Sedlacek  Fox 4 News.
 Modeling fashion from Boutique on Wheels.
Silent Auction, Chinese Auction, food,desserts and speciality teas from the Ideal Tea Leaf. 
Win a cruise for 4 on a private yacht. 
10% off your purchase from Boutique on Wheels   

Monday, June 21, 2010

Announcing The Great Community Treasure Hunt


For Immediate Release
Kim Constantine
North Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce

The Great Community
Treasure Hunt

North Fort Myers, FL (June 21, 2010) - The North Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce is celebrating their New Chamber Website - - by promoting their resources and business members to the community through a 30 day website treasure hunt campaign. 

Beginning on July 1, 2010 Lee County residents can navigate on the chambers' website through ten treasure maps and be eligible to win cash and prizes from the North Fort Myers Chamber Members. 

Kim Constantine, Executive Director, and Chamber Ambassador, Dick Collins thought a treasure hunt would be a fun way to learn about the North Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce, and it would be fitting since pirates are a big part of this areas early days.  The story goes that there are ten pirate treasure chests, which were buried in various places throughout the North Fort Myers/Fort Myers region in the 1800's. You can read more of that story on the website, too.

The Campaign starts July 1, 2010 and ends at The Shell Factory & Nature Park,
Saturday, July 31, 2010 where the treasure chest and prizes will be unveiled and given to the community treasure hunters who were successful at navigating through the ten treasure maps. 

Answers to clues about the North Fort Myers Chamber Members will be found on the chamber's website, members' websites, or at local businesses. 

The July 31st event runs from 11:00am to 2:00pm.  There will be a Local Business Expo with
give-a way's, free hotdogs and lemonade for the kids. 

The first 60 kids arriving to the event will receive a  "Back to School Back Pack" from North Fort Myers Honorary Mayor, John Gardner and Marco Office Supply.  

Best Buy, will have an experience station set up in Captain Fishbones Restaurant(Dolphin Room), with fun and play for everyone.

The North Fort Myers Chamber is inviting local business members to be a
"Chamber Member for a Day" to promote their business at the July 31st event Business Expo. 
Contact Kim Constantine; Executive Director for marketing opportunities.

For details call (239) 997-9111 or go to

Friday, June 18, 2010

North fort Myers Chamber Treasure Hunt Kick-Off Party

Treasure Hunt Kick-Off and Networking Event  hosted by
Tucker Vision Center
(Bayshore Medical Plaza)

June 29, 2010 5:30-6:30pm
The Great Community Treasure Hunt was created to increase the visibility of our Chamber members to the community and beyond. We will kick-off The Treasure Hunt with a networking event sponsored & hosted by Tucker Vision Center on June 29, 2010
The Treasure Hunt will begin July 1 and end on July 31, 2010 with a community barbecue at The Shell Factory where the winners will be announced.   
Free/Open to all members, non-members & guests.
RSVP Required. 997-9111

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tucker Vision Center:Oxy-View Glasses

Oxy-View Glasses
 Terry L. Tucker, OD

Tucker Vision Center has been in practice serving the tri-county area for over 25 years. We offer the latest in eye care treatment. Whether you just can't see as clearly as you use to or you need more detailed medical care to treat your diabetes, glaucoma or age related macular degeneration Dr. Terry L. Tucker can make sure you receive the best care possible.

One thing you will find at Tucker Vision Center that you won't likely find at any other Optometrist in Lee County is Oxy-View glasses.

These glasses offer patients the benefits of oxygen therapy without the discomfort of the nasal cannula, it combines oxygen therapy and vision, and discreet oxygen delivery. They originated in Italy in 2000 and were later imported here. However the frame and design were not good and were made with very expensive material (nickel copper alloy). A U.S. Company remade the design and material and had it patented.

Oxy-View glasses are presently made in China due to decreased cost. The only company that makes these glasses in the U.S. is located in the Boston area. This company charges triple the cost of the oxy-view glasses imported from China.

Oyx-View oxygen therapy eyeglasses are designed for those individuals that require supplemental oxygen. Oxy-View allows you to "ditch" your nasal cannula, improve your quality of life, and feel better about yourself, while assuring that you are receiving the oxygen prescribed by your doctor.

If you have any questions regarding the Oxy-View glasses and how they could benefit you or someone you know please call our office at 239-656-1778 or go to our web site at

Sunday, June 13, 2010

How to Make Extra Money Free Seminar

By Ramona Ziegenfus
Tuesday June 22
7 - 9 PM
St. Hillary's Episcopal Church
5011 McGregor Blvd
(just north of Colonial Blvd)
Free admission
RSVP required 239-246-6132
This seminar offers the opportunity for you to learn about some financial techniques that will allow you to earn extra income to offset the current economy.  What you will learn will transform your life so that you may experience the economic freedom you desire. Our guest speakers have been using these techniques very successfully and will be sharing them with us. If you desire to earn some extra income then you will want to be sure to hear our speakers. To RSVP or for more information call 239- 246-6132 

To hear Ramona Talk about this event  

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why We Sing Concert

by Nicholas Miller
Join the SWFL Gay and Lesbian Chorus for a very special Pride concert "Why We Sing".  This concert's music will present a journey through songs that have inspired us, given us hope and guided us on the paths that we travel.

Performances will be on Saturday, June 12, at 7:30 PM and Sunday, June 13, at 4:00 PM at the Cultural Park Theater, 528 Cultural Park Boulevard, Cape Coral. Tickets are a suggested donation of $15.00 ($10.00 for students) and can be purchased from any chorus member in advance or at the door with cash or credit card (MasterCard, Visa or Discover only). For more information or tickets, contact your favorite chorus member, call at 239-691-2532 or email at The website is  Join the facebook group, "SWFL Gay and Lesbian Chorus" and show your pride in our community!

On Saturday June 12th, the Gay Social Network (GSN) will be holding its annual "pre-concert" potluck in the lobby of the theater from 5:30 to 7:00 PM. The cost is $3.00 for GSN members and $5.00 for non-members. All you need to bring is a dish of 4-6 servings to share with others; sodas and dining utensils are provided.  Please note, no open flames are allowed in the theater. For more information on the GSN potluck, you can call 239-434-1612 or via email at

There will be beer and wine available to purchase for a nominal amount before the concert and during intermission. Oh! Don't forget about the 50-50 raffle ($1.00 each or six for $5,00).

See you this weekend for another great concert and fun GSN potluck!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Powerful You

by Eluise Gambino & Rosalynn Berardesca

Come be part of the change as we gather women from Cape Coral & Ft. Myers for this one-of-a-kind type of gathering. These meetings are open to women from all walks of life! That's what makes us different, we believe powerful connections are made regardless of the "title or position" you hold in life! Stay at home Moms, women in transition, entrepreneurs, retired women and CEO's of large corporations are just as welcomed! There is just only requirement: you must be a WOMAN!!!

Come join us at one or both of our two meetings monthly:

Cape Coral Luncheon ~ 2nd Wednesday of every month

Ft. Myers Evening Gathering ~ 3rd Tuesday of the month 

Take a look at the type of feedback we get from our attendees...

"Great meeting tonight as always. Powerful YOU allows me to take a breathe and inspires me to LEAP! Empowering! :) I appreciate all of your effort and I am so thankful for our group and the friendships that we are forming!" Katy Badgley of Special Deliveriez INC

"I joined this network of powerful women -- Powerful You! -- to enrich my life and continue to grow on a personal and spiritual level." Best to you all, Joan

"I enjoyed the meeting so much on Tuesday evening at the Ft. Myers Chapter. I'll be honest—I was expecting a networking group with the "infamous business card drop" that really is uncomfortable and unproductive. Thanks for bringing something different to this area and for creating a very comfortable environment for women to share business ideas and really get to know each other. It was very nice to meet all of you and learn more about your gifts and talents! I look forward to coming to the next meeting." Lori

Meetings include:  Introductions, mini-mastermind, discussion topic, networking tip, speaker presentation, growth and success share, gratitude share, inspiration, motivation and connections...

What is "The Powerful You! Difference"? 

Powerful You! is about making connections, creating powerful relationships and "Networking With a Heart", regardless of your "title"! Powerful You! welcomes women from all walks of life, without any requirements or expectations. If you plan on living your best life, join us and become part of our Powerful You! Family. Come have some fun, make new friends and create new opportunities at our events. Being part of our family assists you in becoming empowered with positive energy, inspiration, motivation and enlightenment, professionally, personally and spiritually!

We look forward to meeting you all at our next meeting!

Eluise Gambino & Rosalynn Berardesca
(239) 541-8878 or (347) 996-6392
Facilitators for Cape Coral and Ft.Myers Chapters of Powerful You! Women's Network

Friday, June 4, 2010

Free Event in the River District

By Dickson Hunley
Date: Saturday, June 26, 2010
Time: 4:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: 2206 Bay St Ft. Myers Fl 33901

On Saturday, June 26th City Tavern will hold it's annual Guest 
Appreciation Party. There will be $1 drinks & beers, $1 hamburgers and 
hot dogs, no cover, free parking, live music by Headcount starting at 
10pm, prizes and giveaways. Mark you calendar now.

For more information, follow us on facebook or email us at