Monday, April 25, 2011

Heart Talks - Totally Unique Ideas April 28th

HEART TALKS - A Unique Discussion Group

(Every second Thursday) Next one - 4-28-11 Fort Myers, Florida

Conducted by Amanda Devine and Mary Lynn Ziemer

Heart Talks is a unique discussion group where you will learn a new way of thinking about how to manifest incredible things in your life; going beyond the "normal" way of doing things that we were taught throughout our lives and taking it ever further.

What does that mean to you in your life?

Everything!... Have you ever thought, "What if it were possible for you to do what you would call magic?" I mean real magic. This is where Heart Talks is going to take you. Some of the attendees of the Heart Talks have already manifested money and objects from the thin air, tele-ported objects, and created other miracles...

To learn more about Heart Talks and the location go to

Join us every Monday at 12pm EST (or visit archives at your convenience)

Power to YOU!!!
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April 25th – How to Make Decisions

Call us with your questions: (323) 580-5727 or type your question in the Chat Room during the show, or visit archives to listen to the last shows.

"Behind the Iron Veil" – Mike Houston, Amanda's Biography available at Barnes & Noble book stores.

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