Thursday, April 7, 2011

Snowbird Checklist from Insurance Fire and Water Restorations

 (  ) Arrange for Hurricane shutters to be installed during hurricane season
       ( June 1 - November 30)
(  ) Make sure all smoke alarms are working and have fresh batteries
(  ) Forward mail
(  ) Place timers on indoors lamps
(  ) Place a temporary stop on newspaper delivery
(  ) Place phone, cable, and internet service "on vacation"
(  ) Return all library book
(  ) Return rented videos
(  ) Wedge dowels in window tracks and sliding doors to prevent burglars from prying them open
(  ) Set air conditioners/thermostats at 80 degrees to prevent mold growth and a       humidistat should be at 40% - 60% relative humidity
(  ) Unplug or turn off circuit breaker to hot water heater to save energy
(  ) Discard all perishable items
(  ) Run hot water through your garbage disposal. Let it dry out. Pour 1 teaspoon of   vegetable oil into disposal. Do not run any water but turn disposal on for a few seconds
(to prevent impellers from getting stuck)
(  ) Pack all prescription drugs including "refrigerated drugs"
(  ) Unplug electrical appliances and computers (except refrigerators) susceptible to lightening and power outages
(  ) Disconnect electrical garage door opener to prevent burglars from entering
(  ) Turn off main water valve unless you have an automatic fire-sprinkler system. In that case turn off the water valves to your washing machine, dishwasher, and toilets. Bleed excess water out of lines 
(  ) Add bleach to toilet bowls and cover with plastic wrap (keeps it clean and prevents evaporation of water)
(  ) Ask a friend or neighbor to check on your property every week or two while you are away. (Request that they remove their shoes while inspecting carpeted areas; if they are wet it will be easily detected.)

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