Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And A Travel Planner Was Born - Krenz Travel

I've been working in the travel industry for over a year.  What an amazing industry to be a part of.  I love all the planning it takes to make a trip come together.  The consult, where I really get a feel for my client's vision; the research that is involved taking that vision and turning it into a reality; presenting a custom made experience to my client and hearing the joy, excitement and anticipation in their voice when their dream becomes a reality to them.  It's amazing.  4 months ago I realized that the icing on the cake for me for planning travel for clients who were celebrating a special event.  Whether it is a romantic vacation for two at some tropical beach hide-a-way, or a fundraiser cruise benefiting a very worthy organization, I find purpose in making those particular dreams come true.  Special Events travel for the individual, group or small business is what I am passionate about.
Special events travel is about bringing people together in celebration at an unforgettable destination.  Whether it's the celebration of love, a job well done, or loyalty to your favorite non-profit, the energy created by traveling with your loved ones or people united for a great cause is unbeatable.  And when the trip is unique, custom made for that newly married couple or young company wanting to reward its employees…  Ahhh! Pure travel bliss!
If you are planning to travel for your special event, start with what you would like the end result to look and feel like.  Once you know what you want your experience to be, you'll find it less of a challenge to pick destinations, hotels, etc.  Using a travel profession is your best bet.  We live for it.

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