Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Heart Talks - Totally Unique Ideas

Conducted by Amanda Devine and Mary Lynn Ziemer

This week Amanda and I will be changing it up a bit by: 
 First - Amanda will summarize in her own words what has been read/learned to date.
Second - We will both discuss each lesson and concept as we go through the reading, giving everyone an opportunity to ask questions for clarification.
Third - Mary Lynn will summarize what was shared and discuss practical tips that can be used in our daily lives to see more real magic happen!
Fourth - Everyone will have an opportunity to ask questions and share any relevant personal experiences. We've had a lot of great manifesting examples to date!

Are you ready for a thought provoking, inspirational, life changing experience?  Join Amanda Devine and Mary Lynn Ziemer as they take you on the adventure of a lifetime with "Heart Talks".  The first session on March 3rd, 2011 saw more than 45 people experience sheer joy and amazement as they took in these incredible teachings.
What are "Heart Talks"?
When you attend a Heart Talks event, expect to listen, learn, and be amazed at the new levels of understanding and outlooks on life that you will experience. The format of Heart Talks is presented in a similar written style of individuals such as Esther Hicks and Neale Donald Walsch.  Esther Hicks is a world-renowned woman who has traveled the globe for the past 20 years passing on the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. She delivers the information regarding the Law of Attraction and how the Universe works.  Neale Donald Walsch is the author of the famous book trilogy, "Conversations With God, An Uncommon Dialogue." 
In "Heart Talks" Amanda Devine and Mary Lynn Ziemer take those conversations to a completely new level!
Heart Talks will teach you about the origin of thought, the meaning of feelings, the purpose of life, and the boundaries that you may have no idea about. They will teach you the true meaning of living in the moment, a remarkable true shortcut to manifesting things in your life. They will take you to a new, unknown level of thinking and comprehension of the world around you. They will teach you a new meaning of love, heights of knowledge, and wisdom you have never experienced before. They will provide you with a completely new look on everything that you know and understand so far. They will take you to the Universal wisdom and beyond.
 What does all of this mean to you and your life? Everything! By learning new, practical ways of thinking, you are going to take your life experiences to new levels of creations.  Levels you have never experienced before. In Heart Talks you will learn how the process of "creation" works in our lives.
Who are Amanda Devine and Mary Lynn Ziemer?
Mary Lynn Ziemer is an internationally certified Master Life Coach and Business Consultant, and is the founder and CEO of Living A Joyful Life. Through her coaching, consulting, workshops, and speaking, she helps people who are hungering to lead more joyful and prosperous lives.   Mary Lynn is known for her dynamic and interactive style.  Whether  it is in one-on-one coaching, small group workshops, or large seminars, she has the unique ability to help others overcome the fears that keep them from reaching their dreams and goals.
Amanda Devine is CEO and owner of Totally Unique Ideas, an international coaching firm. As a teacher, life coach and speaker, dedicated and passionate about her mission to help as many people as possible live a rich fulfilling life, she is recognized for her ability to open others to their own unlimited potential and personal talents. Her programs and seminars are attended by clients worldwide. 
What can you expect at Heart Talks?
Amanda has received all of the information that will be shared in Heart Talks from her extensive time seeking truth and wisdom through spiritual searching and meditation.  The information in Heart Talks is not about a religion. Amanda shares her enlightenment of how things work on a very high level of understanding. At the end, however, everything is simplified, giving us practical tools.  It allows us to use that wisdom in our lives to create anything that we want, beyond the level of creation we could ever imagine. Amanda has acquired new incredible knowledge and, with her teacher's recommendations, now she hopes to pass along this wisdom to all who long for a deeper understanding of life.
"There is truth to your life and to your existence. There is truth to the meaning of love. You are both love and existence. Now, you are becoming self aware." - God
As Amanda's best friend and colleague, Mary Lynn Ziemer has had the pleasure and honor of studying this amazing information together with Amanda as she has received it.
Come and learn incredible information and a real shortcut to success and living a magical life that has been passed to Amanda through her conversations in the last three months. And as Amanda and Mary Lynn already teach their clients these techniques, they are achieving incredible results.
Have you ever wondered who you really are? What is your purpose on this planet? How can you speed up the process of success and create real magic in your world? Where is the world heading right now? What does the future hold? What is the true driving force in our lives?
These incredible teachings are creating lots of interest and, already, many people ask Amanda when she is going to publish her own "Conversations with God".
At the present moment, Amanda has over 250 pages of astounding conversations.  Amanda and Mary Lynn will be reading these conversations at the Heart Talks events, taking place every second Thursday from 7:30 – 9pm. Cost to attend Heart Talks is only $20. Call 720-270-3428 for more info or to reserve your seat for the next session.
Please join us for this incredible program on April 14th, 2011.
Floridian Airport Inn (Formerly AmericInn) 13600 Treeline Ave S
(corner of Treeline Ave and Daniels, next to I-75)
Fort Myers, FL 33913

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