Sunday, February 26, 2012

Totally Unique Ideas Webinar How to Make Money

New Exciting Video Webinar!!! 

   How To Make Money 

(Conveniently located on your computer) 
Saturday, March 24th 2012 10-11am EST

 A Unique Approach to Making Money - Finding the Perfect Job

 One of Amanda's clients who was just laid off, was very scared that he would
 have a problem to find a job in this economy. He was showed him how to think
 and he realized that he can have any job that he wants. He applied his new way
 of thinking and he has interviews, one after another and job offers coming from
 everywhere. He said that he now has a problem to decide which job to take.
 Bad economy? All we need to know is how to think. 

 Amanda Devine is a Master of Advanced Life Concepts, who has a Master's
 Degree in Psychology from the University of Wroclaw in Poland. Amanda
 advances people's thinking to a completely new level where they create
 miracles in every area of their lives.

 Amanda creates an incredible interest due to her unique approach and
 great success and she has had numerous appearances on TV, radio and
 in newspaper. She has international clients and travels excessively.

Available only to Members of Totally Unique Individuals Network
 (membership only $9.95 a month)

 To learn about Totally Unique Individuals Network and how to become
 a member, please visit
Amanda Devine (239) 980-9808


"Wow! This is my first time to this beautiful site and I have already switched from feeling
 discouraged and low this evening to remembering how to switch it off and turn my thoughts
 around to happy and enriching thoughts and I am only on page 3... Just reading the questions
 and answers have raised my energy level where I love to be. High in happy thoughts...
 This is a fabulous tool and I am looking forward to using it a lot." Gigi

TUI Network is designed for you  to learn about and understand the incredible
power that you posses, and how to change your thinking to use that power on
daily basis, to create in your life anything that you desire. You will receive rare
teachings with unique ideas and techniques to guide you to manifest even
beyond the possible. This is a one of a kind Network, first time ever created on 
that scale where everyday people, by changing their way of being, are becoming
extraordinary Totally Unique Individuals with extraordinary results.
It is a community of like minded people where ideas, questions, teachings,
unusual answers and experiences are shared and where you can be
engulfed in the most amazing discussions with people that feel and think like
you. This is the place where many extraordinary ideas come to life, your life.
As a member of Totally Unique Individuals Network you will be able to take
part or listen to Webminars, video conferences, discussions, as well as being
able to write your own blog and/or start your own dialogue. You will be able to
 post your questions and/or situations that you would like to grow as well as
announce all your successes.
You will have access to all three levels of knowledge, understanding and
practical applications of your power. You will be the one who will
choose which level you want to participate on or you might be interested in
all of them.
The descriptions of the levels...
To learn more, please click on the link below.
 Membership only $9.95 USD a month (every 30 days)

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