Thursday, February 9, 2012

GOT A TICKET? NEED TRAFFIC SCHOOL? First Assurance Traffic School

From First Assurance Traffic School 

Basic Driver Improvement (BDI). 4 hour course

You must complete a basic driver improvement course (Traffic Collision Avoidance Course) if you want to retain your driver license in the following circumstance:
-You were a driver in a crash and are found at fault and
someone was transported to the hospital or
you had two crashes in a two-year period, which resulted in property damage greater than $500.
-Passed a stopped school bus
-Highway Racing
-Highway Racing - Spectator
-Reckless Driving
-Running a red light
If you receive a ticket for a non-criminal moving violation, and you do not hold a commercial driver license.

If you attend traffic school, no points will be assessed to your drivers license.  You will keep your SAFE DRIVER designation and your insurance company cannot raise your rates, unless there is an accident. (You may only choose this voluntary option once every 12 months and a maximum of 5 times in a lifetime, unless this course is Court Ordered).

8 Hour Intermediate Driver Improvement  ( IDI )    

This course can be taken by a driver who has elected 8-hour traffic school or who has been judge ordered to attend an 8-hour course. This is an Intermediate Driver Improvement  course .

*If you are not sure which type of course you need, please check your court papers.

8 Hour Aggressive

This course is intended for drivers who have been ordered by a judge to attend because they exhibit signs of aggressive driving behavior, such as: accumulating an excessive number of citations, driving with excessive speed, or unknowingly driving with a suspended license. Check your court papers to confirm that this is the class you need.

Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) 12 hour course

This course is required by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for reinstatement of a drivers license which has been suspended due to excessive points or habitual traffic offender status,  (non-DUI related). This course is also court ordered for numerous circumstances.

The chief aims of these courses  are to educate students about the extreme dangers of unsafe and aggressive driving practices by getting them to examine their attitudes toward driving, and to suggest safer, more sensible behind-the-wheel behaviors.

For information on these courses visit First Assurance Traffic School

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