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Valentine's Day ! How did you celebrate it? Did you open that box of chocolates and finish it before the night was over?
Or did you go to a restaurant and indulge in all kinds of fattening foods that are usually on offer on Valentine's Day?
Here's a great idea: how about a fitness date? It's not too late to celebrate Valentines Day over again!
While this kind of date may not be as popular as a traditional dinner out, it is much healthier in a long run. In fact, a recent Indiana University study found that 92 percent of married couples who worked out together stuck to their exercise program, compared to 50 percent of people who go it alone.
The reason for it is simple, "Partners will support, encourage and motivate each other to keep going". "This is one of those times that too much togetherness is actually a good thing!"
Another advantage of couple fitness is spending quality time together. "This is a great opportunity to carve out an hour or so in your busy schedule and do something that will benefit you both, physically and mentally."
Research shows that people become sedentary, rather than active, when they get married. A British study released last year reported that married people exercise much less than their single counterparts. And earlier findings, including research from University of North Carolina, have shown that married couples are twice as likely to become obese due to their inactivity.
"Unfortunately, many people tend to neglect their health and appearance once they get married."  "Or, it may just be that they are overwhelmed by work and family obligations and just don't have time or energy for physical activity."
However, scheduling a common workout is not difficult - it's all a matter of good planning.

* Decide that instead of sitting in front of TV or a computer on certain days, you will focus on healthy activities.

* Set fitness goals: weight loss or maintenance, cardio workout, strength training, stress relief, arthritis prevention - whatever your most immediate needs are.

* Discuss which physical activities both of you enjoy the most - having fun while you exercise with ensure you are not tempted to throw in the towel.

* Agree that if one of you feels like giving up, the other one will offer encouragement.

* From time to time, review your progress. The better your results are, the more motivated you'll be to keep going.
If you don't have a spouse or a significant other in your life, you can still benefit from "couples" workouts, "Just find a workout buddy, someone who shares your goals and will keep you on track." "And that's a terrific advice for any day of the year, not just Valentine's!"

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