Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Smart Cause: 12 Days of Diapers

Please take this great opportunity to give back by supporting Destiny Diaper Bank in the 12 Days of Diapers Program sponsored by Huggies - Every Little Bottom! Support us by making a purchase and you can potentially win a $200 gift card, stroller or Flip video! Check the link below for all the details!
From Destiny Diaper Bank

Huggies Every Little Bottom 1 in 3 moms in the U.S. struggle with diaper need. These moms have had to cut back on food, utilities, like heat or electricity, or even child care in order to provide enough diapers for their babies. Sadly, babies in diaper need may suffer physically and emotionally. Babies may be kept in wet, dirty diapers for extended periods of time or, in more extreme cases, made to wear used diapers which have been cleaned or dried out. Babies in diaper need are more likely to show signs of irritation and discomfort, cry or suffer more from diaper rash when they can not be changed (than babies who are not living in diaper need). The critical issue of diaper need prompted Huggies to develop a nationwide response – Every Little Bottom. The program has a single mission – to help get diapers to babies in need. Together, we can help more babies have enough diapers, but we need your help! Join us in raising awareness about this issue and by donating diapers to moms in need today.
Our Christmas lists are made and the shopping may even be done! But, we all know the truth. Many moms are struggling to alone diaper their babies, not to......Click link above to read more.

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