Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spotlight On: Powerful You! Networking With a Heart.

The Powerful You! Women’s Network is a diverse group of like-minded women from various backgrounds and professions who come together for the purpose of sharing ideas, continued learning, inspiration, business sense and great conversation. The group is open to all women all the time; it is not strictly for business networking.  The group provides a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere that is exhibited by the many women who are drawn to our mission and goals.
The Mission of Powerful You! is to  empower as many women as possible.  We do this by providing local, live chapter meetings and nationwide virtual Tele-Network™ meetings.  Although it started in the Northeast USA, Powerful You! is expanding coast to coast.  This expansion serves to empower and connect members from around the country and eventually around the world.
 Powerful You! Women’s Network is designed to bring women together. We know that there is power in numbers and strength in our female relationships. We know that women do business differently than men, and we know that women helping women is a powerful statement to make in this competitive economic environment. We know that people do business with people they know, like, respect and trust. It is with this in mind, that we ask our members to invite other like-minded women to our Powerful You! meetings.
 Creating a network of connected, open and intelligent women is a mainstay of Powerful You! It happens simply and easily with the Law of Attraction. PY! Women’s Network chapters consist of wonderful, powerful women and that’s exactly what we attract to grow our groups – more wonderful, powerful women!
Join us at Powerful You! as we meet to connect and grow our business and personal relationships. Join us as we expand our territory and make new friends. Join us as we provide educational opportunities and business connections for you and your protégés. Join us as we enjoy our many members in their growth! 

For more information visit Powerful You! Fort Myers Cape Coral 

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