Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lenny's Pest Control

Lenny's Pest Control Client Testimonial

My first experience with your company was as a Board member at a Cape Coral Condo.  We had become dissatisfied with our previous vendor.  You and your son could not have been more professional, cooperative and effective in handling the pest control needs of the grounds and the individual condo units. When I moved and bought a house the company that immediately came to mind for my personal home pest control needs was Lenny's Pest Control.  There were a variety of pests to deal with when I first moved in.  Lenny took care of the problem and I have yet to see one pest in the house or garage.  Since that time I have referred various friends to your company.  I would not do that if I were not absolutely and completely satisfied.
A happy client.
Cape Coral

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