Monday, July 12, 2010

The Michael Diaz 2010 Fall Collection for Florida Women"

By Michele  Andre
Fashion Designer, Michael Diaz, will be presenting "The Michael Diaz 2010 Fall Collection for Florida Women" on Thursday, August 26, Royal Palm Yacht Club, 2360 W. 1st Street, Ft. Myers 33901 from 11:15am to 1:15pm. 

Buffet lunch will be served while viewing his fashions and hearing from the designer himself.  "The Michael Diaz 2010 Fall Collection" may be purchased at the event or special ordered. 

Cash and credit cards accepted at the door.  Only $30. for lunch and the presentation by Fashion Designer, Michael Diaz.   Each guest will receive a gift sack with items and discounts from local vendors valued over $100. 
Please RSVP (239) 225-5019 by August 24.

Contact info:  Michele Andre (239) 225-5019


  1. Is there a website I can view the collection ahead of time?

  2. At this time his web site is being developed. I will try to get some pictures from him and post them here and on facebook prior to the show.
    Thank you !