Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Marketing, PR, Advertising, Branding... What’s The Difference????

 by Jodie Andre
Marketing Dazzle

A lot of companies want to do Marketing, PR, Advertising and Branding but very few know the difference. Here's a simplified example of each:

I am a great cook! – Marketing

Trust me. She's a great cook! – Public Relations

I'm a great cook. I'm a great cook. I'm a great cook! – Advertising

I understand you're a great cook! – Branding

Sounds so simple, right? It can be confusing to many. Advertising is a short-term exercise and Marketing is a long-term endeavor. It's much more effective when other people talk about you in a positive manner compared to self-promotion.

Remember, you don't want to market yourself as well as advertise yourself because you don't want to seem desperate.

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