Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Liam J. Perk Foundation: Bowl for Education

By Marcie Gower
Sunday July 11
Friendship Lanes
12 PM
$20 Adults
$12 Kids under 15
Door Prizes
Let's Talk Dog!
"Providing Awareness and Education
so there can be a Tomorrow"

Liam was a 2 yr. old little boy who was fatally bitten by their
family dog. The Liam J Perk Foundation was created with the
mission to educate parents & dog owners through seminars,
school presentations, events & other networking resources to
provide a safe environment for children & dogs together as a

Event Location 1899 Del Prado Blvd. S. Cape Coral
For more information or to sign up
Contact – Ginny: ginnyP234@yahoo.com
Or Tanya: 239-246-0513 THP560@aol.com
You can visit us at www.Friendshiplanes.com
Follow our updates on Facebook- Liam J Perk Foundation

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  1. Thanks for sharing this important event with the community.