Thursday, February 11, 2010

Taste Tunes and More

By Carlos Navedo
Taste, Tunes & More is a public event that will be put on in cooperation with the city of Cape Coral, Tarpon Pointe, Carrabbas & Animal Refuge Center and hosted by Amy Wegmann from Fox 4 & Ms. Tina Dame from ABC's hit reality show "The Ex-Wives Club". It will take place on February 20, 2009 from 12pm-6pm; it will be a wonderful chance for an outing with the family and an all around great time. There will be live music from Limpin' Jimmy Band from New York, Headcount and groups from around the area and beyond. The music will set amongst the Cape's waterside, one of nature's finest settings. The mix of music and ambiance will be something to be relished. It will take place at Cape Coral's finest venues, Tarpon Point Marina, a hidden gem within the city. The event is expected to draw over 1,000 people from all over Southwest Florida due to Local Media Coverage.
Along with the great music and beautiful setting there will be catered food from Carrabbas, which will feature a menu of its famous pasta's and Hooters & more. There will also be soft drinks, beer, and wine offered at the event. The event will also be a chance for local vendor to showcase their products and services to the area's residents, but the main focus will be to raise money for ARC and provide an event that will benefit the community. It will be the perfect chance to give back and enjoy yourself while you are at it.
There will also be chances for the kids to enjoy themselves as well with face painting, and other opportunities for the little ones to enjoy the afternoon as well. Cali Motorsports will also be showcasing their collection of Classic Cars and Motorcycles and Galati beautiful yachts. The mix of ambiance, music, great food, Hooters Girls and charity will bring about a sense of class and magic that will definitely make this a day one that is not worth missing!
Tickets will be $10 per person and food & beverage tickets will be sold for $1 apiece with all proceeds benefitting Animal Refuge Center.

Incorporated in 1988, Animal Refuge Center is a not-for-profit animal welfare society, dedicated to caring for all homeless animals brought to its care at its 22 ½ -acre sanctuary in North Fort Myers. The sanctuary houses thirty canine lodges, a Canine Training Center, a Cat Adoption Center, twelve feline facilities, and is home to more than 440 cats and 60 dogs. Once we accept an animal for adoption, IT WILL NOT BE DESTROYED TO MAKE ROOM FOR ANOTHER
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  1. Can ARC's "training center" really be called a training center if they are unable to rehabilitate some dogs? I have spoken with the head trainer and she proudly proclaimed to me that some dogs have been there several years. So, in reality it is either a detention center for dogs who cannot be rehabilitated or their training methods are not good.

    If it is the former, than a I would hope the quality of life for the dogs is a good one. Open runs, no cages, letting dogs be a part of a family pack. If the latter then I hope ARC is able to become a little more open minded when evaluating trainers and methodology.

    For your consideration: You can fast forward to the 3:28 mark in the video.