Friday, February 5, 2010

Our Unitarian Universalist Story

By Donald Routh
A six part series on Thursday nights

February 18 –March 25, 2010
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
UUCFM Conference Room

Our Unitarian Universalist Story, is a six week journey exploring the history and dynamics of our changing Unitarian Universalist Faith. Participants will explore UU identity within the context of the history and heritage of Unitarianism and Universalism.

C0-led by Reverend Elena Rigg and Donald Routh, PHD

To Understand Unitarian Universalism today and where it may be heading tomorrow, it is helpful to know and understand our religious past. This program uses readings, group discussions and activities to focus on the history and heritage of Unitarian Universalism, personal spiritual values, individual experience and current theological trends and issues.

Goals for Participants:

To understand the issues, disputes, and principles in the historical evolution of Unitarian Universalism;
To appreciate the struggles and sacrifices of historical figures in the movement;
To explore how their own faith journeys compare to those of UU forebears;

To feel pride in UU history.

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