Tuesday, January 10, 2012

An Unbelievable Opportunity - Park Lane

By Elba Plaza

Who are we? is the world’s largest party-plan direct sales jewelry company, featuring the finest quality high-fashion jewelry designs! Founded in 1955 by a teenage couple Art and Shirley Levin, park lane defines the American-dream. Today the second-generation Levin family owns and operates the company with the same commitment and dedication as their parents. The company is Debt-Free allowing them to offer generous profits and extraordinary programs and incentives for guests, hostesses and their Fashion Directors. With an unparalleled opportunity, park lane continues to empower women and men alike to realize their potential and reach for their dreams.

Why JewelryIt’s no surprise that jewelry has magnetic appeal – women are drawn to jewelry! Park lane consistently remains on the cutting edge of designer and celebrity-inspired creations in their designs.  There is something for everyone to love, from the most simple at hart to those who love glitz and glamour. Jewelry adds polish and pizzazz to your wardrobe and transforms clothing into an outfit.  Jewelry remains one of the top three gift-giving items year after year. Women never tire of receiving beautiful new jewelry! As for a product to represent, you constantly advertise your business by wearing your samples.

What makes us different?
Product Line
  • Fine fashion jewelry of the highest quality, with meticulous attention to detail and workmanship!
  • Up-to-date designs, hot off the runway – our cutting edge, trendy designs include designer-inspired couture creations as well as updated classics, all worthy of red-carpet attention!
  • Variety-simple-and-dainty, big-and-bold, glitz-and-glamour, and everything in between. Our styles will take you from the backyard to the boardroom to the ballroom! Designs for men and teens, too!
Unconditional Guarantee
  • It means just that – unconditional-for any reason!
  • It’s easy for the customer to take care of their own returns should they need to send anything back for any reason – they simply follow the instructions on the Validated Guarantee sheet that comes with their jewelry.
Five-Star Hostess Program
  • No company gives a hostess more options “now” (at the show) and “later” (after her bookings)! It’s an amazing array of benefits (including FREE credit, four ½ price items, four exclusive Hostess Only items and Monthly Hostess Specials and an incredible Booking Award program to name a few)!
  • Designed to help Fashion Directors book shows and fill their calendars!
Customer Sale Every Day
  • Customers are rewarded with one, two or three items for $12 each, based on their order!
  • Customers can choose current, in-line items as their $12 sale items – not discontinued pieces!
Compensation Plan
  • 30% – 50% commission PLUS bonuses!
  • Unique “Direct Appointment Program” for experienced direct sales “party –plan” managers!
Awards and Recognition
  • Two incentive trips that ANY Fashion Director can earn – take your family along too!
  • Two exciting National Conventions per year!
  • Earn the New Edition jewelry every month FREE – keep more of your profits in your pocket!
  • Earn $200 – $400 in jewelry and display aids monthly during your first 6 months!
  • Cash awards, designer outfits, merchandise contests, and more!
Fun and Easy Presentation
  • NO inventory, No deliveries, “business in a bag” for easy carry in and set up!
  • $5 Registration covers your Literature and Sales Aids pack to get you started (Training DVD, Guide to Success Manual, Catalogs, Order Forms, etc.)
  • $500 net sales at your Intro Party plus 5 bookings lined up in your first 30 days and attendance at an Initial Training Class gives you a FREE jewelry kit valued at $1000!
  • Process your shows and credit card payments for than $5 a month with your online Gold Membership. Access to a multitude of training aids on the website as well!
  • Multiple training opportunities – local, regional, and national trainings plus online support!
Contact me to find out how you can start your Test-Drive
 Elba Plaza

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