Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Totally Unique Individuals Network

by Amanda Devine Totally Unique Ideas

This Network is designed for you to learn about and understand the incredible power that you posses, and how to change your thinking to use that power on daily basis, to create in your life anything that you desire. You will receive rare teachings with unique ideas and techniques to guide you to manifest even beyond the possible. This is a one of a kind Network, first time ever created on that scale where everyday people, by changing their way of being, are becoming extraordinary Totally Unique Individuals.
It is a community of like minded people where ideas, questions, teachings, unusual answers and experiences are shared and where you can be engulfed in the most amazing discussions with people that feel and think like you. This is the place where many extraordinary ideas come to life, your life.

Here are some samples of what you will find on the network.... 
Master Apprentice Level Topics: Total topics 33
The Power of our Thoughts - Everything is energy. You are energy, I am energy. The chair you are sitting on is energy, your house, trees, the entire planet, moon and sun and the entire universe is energy. You are a smaller energy field in a bigger energy field. That bigger energy field we can call God, Infinite Intelligence, Universe, Consciousness as quantum physics calls it, or like one lady from Peru said to me, Source of Life. Whatever label we put on it, will describe the same incredible energy field....... 

Saying positive things is not enough. We need to change our conditioning. How do we start changing our condioning is by talking to ourselves in the mirror. By repeating over and over how amazing we are. The same way our conditioning, our beliefs were created, by constant repeating of negative things.

We also need to remember that we create with every single thought/feeling, so if we feel that it is a struggle, we create it to be a struggle. How do we change that belief? How do we change the belief of something being hard?

Other topics include: Calmness, Making Our Thoughts Stronger, People Talk Negative what do I do?  How to Change our Self Image?  How to be Free of Conditioning....

Master Intern Level Topics: Total Topics 32
Awareness:  What is awareness? Awareness is our understanding of how our minds work and how that mind works with that great power out there. The more we understand our power, the more we can use it to our advantage.

How do we grow our awareness? Every time you come here to the Network and read the posts, you go to a higher level of awareness. Every time you use the tools that I provide, you move up. The most important thing that I mentioned to you so many times is calmness. The calmer you are the higher level of awareness you have and the faster the things you desire manifest in your life.

So, how do you go about being calm?

Other topics include: Love the Highest Vibration, Creating Something New, Growing your Imagination, The Feeling of Knowing, We are All One......

Master Level Topics: Total Topics 36 
Instant Manifestation: As I grow in my level of understanding, I have realized that things only manifest instantly. It is like the digital computer language; 01010011. “0” means no signal while “1” means that signal exists. The same happens with our creations. “0” means we don’t have the right mind set for the desired thing to appear in our lives. “1” inclines that our mindset is perfect and we see the desired things appear. If we don’t have the desired thing manifesting in our lives it is only because we don’t have the right mind set for it to happen. The delay is an illusion. It might take us some time to get to that mindset, but in the moment we do, things appear instantly.

What mindset are we talking about? Why do we see things appearing progressively while everything manifests instantly?

Other Topics: Why do We Love Somebody?, Our Power, The Wisdom of the Ages, Gratitude, Imagination, The Most Powerful Affirmations....  

There is also a General Discussion area that has 45 topics for you to read and participate in.  There are a total of 150 topics so far in this network.

You will have access to all three levels of knowledge, understanding and practical applications of your power. You will be the one who will choose which level you want to participate on or you might be interested in all of them.

The shortcut to success is through fun even beyond your idea of fun, of what you have ever imagined. The Totally Unique Individuals Network is designed to be fun. We are going to treat it like a game, a serious game of knowledge and practice that is going to take us to ancient incredible wisdom that has been passed from generations to generations. That wisdom of ages is timeless, and it has been here for 6,000 years. We will learn it, analyze it and put it into practice. By doing that, we will become new beings with a completely different outlook on life with different results.

You can create a profile and get to know other members of the TUI Network, discuss topics, ask questions and gain understanding and awareness. 

You are invited join this Network for only $9.95 a month. You will also have access to webinars on such topics as  Upcoming: News Years Resolution Saturday Jan 21 10-11 am EST, Past topics: Obtaining Perfect Weight and Incredible Healing Process. Past webinars are available for viewing once you join. 

You can learn more about this Network by visiting Totally Unique Individuals Network  

To Join this network visit Join TUI Network

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