Monday, August 22, 2011

Jermar Electric answers some questions on common electrical issues

JERMAR Electric Service is always looking to help people find the best solution possible for their electrical problems.Please feel free to contact us at (239) 772-3598 should you have a question. If you should have a serious electrical issue, for safety reasons, we always recommend you contact a professional instead of trying to fix it yourself.  


I put new bulbs in my recessed lights and they came on, stayed on for a while, and then they went back off again, after a while they come back on again.  What is going on? 


Recessed lights are supplied with a thermal cut out.  Because the fixture is inside your ceiling, it is important that excessive heat from the bulbs not cause a fire, the thermal cut out acts as a thermometer i.e. when the heat reaches a preset temperature, it will disconnect the electricity.  After the fixture cools down the electricity will be reconnected.  To avoid this problem check the recess can for a sticker that gives the maximum wattage light bulb to be used in the fixture.  Use the specified wattage or lower never use a higher wattage bulb. 



What is surge protection and do I need it? 


A surge protector protects against surges, spikes, lightning, etc.  Surges may come down the utility line, thru the phone line, thru your cable, from within the home or nearby.  A surge protector on your panel is the first line of defense in protecting your expensive electronics and appliances.  The surge protector may sacrifice it’s self to protect your electrical system and electronic equipment from surges.  Secondary protection comes from the simple plug in type you can get at Home Depot or Lowes.  We live in the lightning capital of the world.  It is advised that you have surge protection on your panel.

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