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10 Speaking Tips To Help You “Speak With Confidence” - Rena Romano

10 Speaking Tips To Help You
“Speak With Confidence”

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1. Cram for exams not a speech: Many try to cram too much content in a 20 to 30 minute presentation. Use the 10 to 1 rule of thumb. For every 10 minutes make 1 point. Use facts, figures and stories that will help them remember.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice: Once you have prepared your speech or presentation, PRACTICE. Just because you know your material, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare and practice it. Don’t wing it, people came to listen to you. Be courteous of their time by giving a polished, professional, presentation. (Even if it’s Free you want referrals, right?)

3. The BP’s of speaking: Breathe and Pause or your message will slide right past them. Stop talking after making an important point. (Shut Up, it’s not about you) Give the audience time to reflect on what you just said. If you keep rambling on they will miss the point you want them to get.

4. Arrive early: No two venues are alike. Arrive early to get comfortable with the stage or meeting room. This will help you relax and command the stage with ease.

5. Greetings everyone: After getting comfortable with your speaking area, meet and greet some of the audience members before your presentation. This will help calm your nerves and it will be like talking to old friends.

6. No apologizes necessary: Don’t apologize for nerves or mistakes. Problems arise and mistakes happen but the audience will never know unless you apologize. Just keep going, if it is a point you need to restate do so with another short story.

7. Perfection vs. Effectiveness: It is not about being a perfect speaker; it is about being a confident, effective speaker. If you try to obtain absolute perfection you may lose focus on the message, and that’s the main objective.

8. You look marvelous: Wear comfortable business clothes and shoes. If you are presenting on a Friday you should still wear business attire. You’re the professional dress the part, it will help you command attention from the audience vs. demand it.

9. Speak up: Learn to project your voice to be heard. Don’t yell, use your authoritative voice. (Those with children know what I mean) Speak with authority but make it pleasant not scary, add a smile to it.

10. Last but not least: Be yourself, have fun, don’t sweat the small flub ups, SO WHAT it happens to all of us. Your audience is rooting for you and if you follow these 10 tips, you will achieve success and “Speak With Confidence.”

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