Friday, July 8, 2011

Webinar - Healing Process Amanda Devine Totally Unique Ideas

Amanda's Incredible Healing Process
A New Exciting Live Video Webminar! 
Thursday, July 28th , 2011    7:30 -8:30pm EST 
(Or listen to the recording at your convenience)

Step by step, knowledge with all the practical tools that Amanda used to heal her incurable disease of the nervous system.
Amanda Devine is a very successful Master Life Coach, who has a Master's Degree in Psychology from the University of Wroclaw in Poland. Using the power of her mind, Amanda completely healed her own incurable disease of the nervous system, fibromyalgia, which she had for 6 years. She walked with a cane for 3 of those years. Amanda creates an incredible interest due to her unique approach and great success and she has had numerous appearances on TV, radio and in newspaper. She has international clients and travels excessively.
The Video Webminar - total of 3 hrs + 1hr of questions and answers video conferencing. (Every second Thursday)
$79 Non – Members 
FREE to Members of Totally Unique Individuals Network
To learn about Totally Unique Individuals Network and how to become a member, please visit  
Amanda Devine (239) 980-9808
Amanda creates an incredible interest due to her unique approach and great success in her coaching that are based on Quantum Physics. She has clients all over the country and even internationally. A biography book about Amanda Devine, "Behind the Iron Veil", written by Mike Houston, is now available at Barnes and Noble book stores. Amanda travels all over the country conducting very unique seminars. Amanda has had numerous appearances on TV and radio as well as her story appeared in a major local newspaper. Her motivational messages - "Thought Mail" are sent to people in 109 counties. Her Blog  has over 100,000 hits a month.
Amanda has created one of a kind Totally Unique Individuals Network. This International Online Network is designed for people to learn about and understand the incredible power that we posses, and how to change our thinking to use that power on daily basis, to create in our lives anything that we desire. Members receive rare teachings with unique ideas and techniques to guide them to manifest even beyond the possible. This is a one of a kind Network, first time ever created on that scale where everyday people, by changing their way of being, are becoming extraordinary Totally Unique Individuals.

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