Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Totally Unique Individuals Network

By Amanda Devine - Totally Unique Ideas  

This Network is designed for you to learn about and understand the incredible power that you posses, and how to change your thinking to use that power on daily basis, to create in your life anything that you desire. You will receive rare teachings with unique ideas and techniques to guide you to manifest even beyond the possible. This is a one of a kind Network, first time ever created on that scale where everyday people, by changing their way of being, are becoming extraordinary Totally Unique Individuals.
It is a community of like minded people where ideas, questions, teachings, unusual answers and experiences are shared and where you can be engulfed in the most amazing discussions with people that feel and think like you. This is the place where many extraordinary ideas come to life, your life.

Totally Unique Individuals Network - TUI Network, stands for:
T – Trust
U – Understanding
I - Integrity

Network of people who trust, respect and understand each other. Here, we all come from a place of love and integrity. Where all spiritual beliefs and opinions from all over the world (109 countries that visit Amanda's Blog) are respected and where we all can freely express ourselves in a loving manner.

We as people are growing together into one Nation of Totally Unique Individual, reaching the entire world, transforming this spectacular planet into a place of love.

As a member of Totally Unique Individuals Network you will be able to take part or listen to Webminars, video conferences, discussions, as well as being able to write your own blog and/or start your own dialogue. You will be able to post your questions and/or situations that you would like to grow as well as announce all your successes.
You will have access to all three levels of knowledge, understanding and practical applications of your power. You will be the one who will choose which level you want to participate on or you might be interested in all of them.
The descriptions of the levels:

Master Apprentice
(Starting your journey of knowledge or already on the road to success)
  • Basics about the power of our mind
  • How things work
  • Law of Creation ( Attraction)
  • Making money
  • Relationships
  • Perfect Weight
  • Health
  • Forum and Discussions - Questions and Answers about our daily life
Master Intern (Advanced )
  • Mysteries and applications of Quantum Physics
  • Our world that is an illusion
  • How to find ourselves in the illusion and work it to our advantage
  • Spiritual growth
  • Learning the formula for success
  • Discussions
  • Forum and Discussions - Questions and Answers
Master (Very Advanced)
  • Where Knowledge Becomes WISDOM
  • Learning a completely new way of thinking
  • Our power beyond what you have ever imagined
  • Learning about the physical and non-physical world and our existence through unique spiritual growth with practical tools
  • Learning how to create miracles
  • A mind set for expanding your reality and Creating Magic (some people are creating miracles already by using that knowledge)
  • Forum and Discussions - Questions and Answers
The shortcut to success is through fun even beyond your idea of fun, of what you have ever imagined. The Totally Unique Individuals Network is designed to be fun. We are going to treat it like a game, a serious game of knowledge and practice that is going to take us to ancient incredible wisdom that has been passed from generations to generations. That wisdom of ages is timeless, and it has been here for 6,000 years. We will learn it, analyze it and put it into practice. By doing that, we will become new beings with a completely different outlook on life with different results.

This is the first time, that you have a privilege to join such an unique and incredible group of like minded people on that scale, and we all have a great honor to welcome someone as special as you.

Thank you. We are honored to have you as a member of Totally Unique Individuals Network!


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