Monday, May 16, 2011

Yet another new twist on an old scam: 'VISHING'

From Margie Tann iSekurity
Source: BBB of Northwest Ohio

There's a new scam that's popped up recently that's being referred to as "vishing." Like the "phishing" scams that are now familiar to most Internet users, vishing is designed to trick consumers into giving out account numbers. But, instead of using e-mail, vishing uses telephone calls generated from automated random-dialers.

Here's how it works: someone calls and says that your credit card has been used illegally. The caller gives you an '800' number to call and "verify" the theft of your card information and to "confirm" your account number. If you are contacted, then provided any such number by the caller - DO NOT CALL IT! [Always use ONLY the official contact numbers printed on the back of your Credit, Debit, Health Plan Cards, etc.]. Of course, the '800' you would be given by these scammers will be answered by an accomplice, who will then use your account information fraudulently.

What you need to know:

- These phone calls are becoming more common

- The caller may be very persuasive or intimidating

- It is not rude to hang up if you think you are being scammed

- You can not rely on Caller ID. It's easy for the scammers to "spoof" their
Caller I.D. information

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