Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's Up SWFL Client Testimonial

I wanted to say many thanks to Mary Anne Cipressy from What's Up SWFL for
teaching me and helping me to market my business. She is very
knowledgeable, very dependable professional business woman who put me on
the right track, creating a great success in a short period of time. She
knows how the internet marketing works and she takes full advantage of it.
I highly recommend Mary Anne to everyone who is serious about taking your
business to a new level. Please, also ask her about the Blog Talk Radio.
She can set it up for you, the best way that suits your business, and
advice you how to run it. With her help, my show became a success just in
2 weeks. She also did great marketing for my biography book, "Behind The
Iron Veil" written by Mike Houston, that creates a huge interest only in a
week after being published. Thank you, Mary Anne!

Amanda Devine
Totally Unique Ideas
CEO, Life Coach

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