Monday, November 29, 2010

Spotlight On: Kathy Martel - Marco Office Supply

Kathy Yassiel Martel, proud to be Latina, was born in the beautiful country of Panama where she spend her childhood and teenagers years, with her sister and mother. She graduated from high school, at Our Lady of the Angeles in David, Panama. Advised by her mother and family, Kathy went to Ravenna High School, Ohio, USA as an exchange student for her senior year, were she got her bachelor’s degree.

Later on, she followed her dreams and traveled to Saltillo, Mexico to get her college major on Mass Media Communication; and to learn a little more about the wonderful Mexican culture. In her search for new adventures, in 2002 she traveled to USA with a very positive attitude, with the desire to succeed professionally and personally, and to overcome her goals and dreams. Today, she proudly represents her company Marco Office Supply, Furniture and Printing, Inc., a company where she can practice the core values that the company was built on, like partnership, integrity, community, personal services and honesty to all her customers and her potential customers.

She is an Ambassador for the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce and for the Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce. She is also the Director of Ambassador for LCBW. This year, Kathy has participated with the North Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce, in the School Backpack Program and on the Basket of School Supply for Manatee Elementary School. She supported the silent auction for the Celebrity Waiters Foundation Scholarship Program. She volunteered with the Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce, on the 4th of July Fireworks event, on the membership drive, and on the Great Community Treasure Hunt on North Fort Myers. She has volunteered for the Festival of Tree Tux and Trees of the Southwest Florida Goodwill Foundation. Recently, she participated in the Swim-Bike-Run Triathlon, which she enjoyed very much, with the Boot/Fit Camp Program with Edward Ryan at the Fort Myers Fitness.

Kathy lives in Fort Myers, and she is married to Ronald Martel, Boston Red Sox’s number one fan! Since she was a little girl her mother taught her about the up and downs of life, and advised her to get up every time she’d fall, and to keep moving forward. “Lo que no mata, te hace mas fuerte”, (Whatever doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger) her mom would always say.

Everyone that knows Kathy can say that she has always a smile in her face, she enjoys every bit of what she does, because she loves to please people.

Kathy loves Mexican and Japanese food, she loves dancing, especially meringue, bachata and salsa. She enjoys a good movie and her favorite book and movie is “Pride and Prejudice”.

For Kathy family is very important, she loves spending time with them and goof around, with her niece and nephew, Johanna and Emilio.

She is very thankful for all the blessings she receives every day.

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