Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Destiny Diaper Bank Annouces Sponsor Program

Destiny Diaper Bank is a 501C3 serving Southwest Florida babies, elderly, handicapped children and adults in need of diapers. We are the only diaper bank in Southwest Florida. Please visit our website www.DestinyDiaperBank.com.

The demand to keep babies dry has increased over the past two years and we are trying to keep up with the demand. The government waiting list for diaper assistance an average of six years and the WIC program and Food Stamps do not cover diapers. In fact many local agencies, funded by the government, are sending families to us for help. Destiny Diaper Bank is not federally funded and is run by only volunteers.

Our center is located in Cape Coral and has distribution locations in four other areas: Bonita Springs, Lehigh Acres, East Ft. Myers, and Ft. Myers. We need the communities support to continue helping families in your area. The cost of transportation is exceeding our budget every day and may not be continued without funding. We are going to other areas because not all families have transportation to our main location in Cape Coral.

Child abuse is on the rise because babies are crying due to a wet or soiled diaper. Mothers are removing the soiled portion and putting it back on their baby because the diapers are gone and no extra money to buy more. We have had Mothers arrive to our centers with babies wrapped in paper towels. Handicapped children requiring diapers are not able to attend school because the family can not afford diapers for school hours. Our elderly citizens are sitting in soiled and wet diapers for days due to no money to purchase diapers.

Please help us continue to help the local babies, elderly, and handicapped children and adults with a clean supply of diapers and safe warm beds for babies. Sponsorships are available beginning at $100. Please consider a donation. Your donation is tax deductible. Please feel free to call me for an appointment.


Rebecca Hines
Founder of Destiny Diaper Bank
(239) 910-8198

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