Monday, September 27, 2010

Behind the Iron Veil by Mike Houston - Book Signing

Local Author Mike Houston will be at the Celebrate SWFL Expo to autograph copies of his recent book "Behind the Iron Veil" One Woman's Triumph and Transformation.

The Expo is Presented by Whats Up SWFL and will be held Sat Oct 16th from 11 AM - 4 PM  at the Hyatt Place at the Forum.  SR 82 and I-75 behind the Coastal Gas Station.  Free Admission 
For more info on the Expo please visit: Celebrate SWFL Expo

Here is a something about this very emotional book.

This is a True Story. It's about the life of one seemingly ordinary woman born under a very suppressive and manipulative regime. It's about her awakening to the entrapping web of lies she was indoctrinated with all her life, and her amazing transformation as the truth becomes unfurled. This gentle woman was propelled by circumstances to participate in Poland's Solidarity Resistance. She stood as a David against the Goliath of a totalitarian government that totally controlled the life of Poland, and the life of her family. It's a story of the bravery of one mother against incredible obstacles. It's a personal story of a woman named Amanda, who displayed incredible strength and determination to triumph in her extraordinary life.

It's an Exposé. This story unveils the actuality of living under a Socialistic/Communist system, not idealistic theory. This is a history that has been hidden and masked by intent, and by political correctness. It's been carefully hidden by an elitist mentality who seek to accomplish their agendas regardless of the enslavement of others. This exposé uncovers the deceptive, meticulous, and ruthless methods created by obsessive and troubled personalities; it details how these techniques capture, enslave and continually abuse millions of unwilling people. It also exposes their most vulnerable weakness.

This is a Historical Novel. It reveals to the Western mind what life can become when Big Government controls all aspects of life. It's the history of some of the darker imprints of humankind's footsteps. It breaks directly through the politically correct facades, the noble sounding images, and the carefully conceived constructs of indoctrination being 'force fed' to the youth of today. It cries a dire warning, depicting the real consequences of allowing such a system to be fully implemented. It's a history lesson for any mother who loves her children and their freedom. It's a lesson not being taught in the schools.

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