Friday, September 30, 2011

Lee County Job Fair


Contact: Armando Nargi, 239-931-0931, Lee County Chamber

LEE COUNTY, Southwest Florida

In today's world economy, seeking gainful employment has become a job in itself. Southwest Florida's Lee and surrounding counties
Have been the hardest in this recession to bounce back.  Notably, there are some job opportunities and employment for some
Who are able to adapt to different work climates.   This Annual Lee County Job Fair is just one of the places for job seekers to go.
There will be a variety of opportunities for work and additional business opportunities for the entrepreneurial person.

The event is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and is FREE ADMISSION for all to attend. Free Parking is also available.

Providing opportunities for the unemployed, under-employed and entrepreneurial persons of
SW Florida and to encourage businesses of all sizes and industry to plan and seek out new employees and/or independent individuals. 

Additionally, if you are an EXISTING BUSINESS (even though you are not hiring at this time)  you can utilize the various business and government
programs and incentives offered to incite training, hiring, tax credits and business growth. 
Presented by the following:  SW Florida Works, SW Florida Workforce Development, Small Business Development Corp-SBDC will be on-hand to provide guidance and assistance

Lee County Job Fair event on October 5, 2011 - 3:00 - 8:00 PM

If you are a business seeking workers, looking for a job yourself or offering business opportunities,
then you should participate at the event.  or more information, call 239-931-0931
Exhibitor tables are still available.

Event location:
Clarion Hotel - next to Sam Seltzer's
12635 S Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers
FREE Parking and FREE Admission
MapQuest Directions, click here

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