Friday, March 26, 2010

Land Use Change Seminar

(Disclaimer this is posted for informational purpose only and does not reflect an endorsement nor opposition on the part of What's Up SWFL and its staff)
by NFM Chamber
Land Use Change Seminar
Learn how the proposed changes for Cape Coral will directly impact N. Ft. Myers
March 30 2010
5:30-8:30 PM
First Baptist Church
4177 Coronado Parkway
Cape Coral
Dear North Fort Myers Chamber Members, concerned citizens, and residents of North Fort Myers,

This is CRITICAL for N. Ft. Myers as Cape Coral potential could greatly affect our lives over here.
This is in response to the pending Homeland Democracy amendment and the city of Cape Coral's
way of dealing with the situation before it becomes impossible to change land uses without
voter approval (if the amendment passes).
We are not sure what changes are pending, but with the Zemel property issues and the
fact that Cape Coral now includes the land up to the county line, we need to know what
proposals they are making for future land uses so that the vision for N. Ft. Myers is preserved
without interference from our neighbors to the west.
We are not opposed to growth, in fact we need it, but it has to be good, well planned growth
that does more than just generate a tax base. Please pass this on to all your friends.

Also, we are planning to have Commissioner Tammy Hall come to our May Business Leaders
Luncheon to speak in detail about Amendment 4.

Please join me March 30th to educate ourselves on these critical issues. Ignorance is not BLISS.

Kim Constantine
North Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce

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